In order to simply update their everyday appearance, hair extensions and wigs have become indispensable for many women. The diversity of hair extensions has increased alternatives while also making every lady a pro at taking care of things. However, many individuals are frequently perplexed when asked how to sleep while wearing hair extensions. Should I wear my clip-in extension to bed? If I move my head a lot when I’m sleeping, is it okay to cover it with a scarf? It’s critical that you can properly care for your hair extensions and get a good night’s sleep. PHUONGNAM HAIR will provide you with all the details you want regarding sleeping with hair extensions in this post.

1. If you have hair extensions, can you sleep?

The first benefit of using hair extensions while sleeping. Even though it may seem difficult, all issues can be resolved with careful thought. There are many different kinds of hair extensions and wigs, and you should be aware that some of them are safe to wear while you sleep and others are not.

1.1. Wearing clip-in extensions while you sleep is not recommended

The so-called “clip-in hair extensions” are composed of a number of stiff clips that are not intended for use while sleeping. The clips may irritate or harm your scalp, get tangled in your hair, and make your hair a whole mess when you wake up. Since clip-in hair extensions are so simple to take out and put back in, you are not required to wear them while you sleep. In order to protect your hair extensions and obtain the greatest sleep, remove your clip-in before night and reattach it in the morning.

1.2. What kinds of extensions are safe to use while you sleep?

Most other hair extensions are acceptable to sleep with, with the exception of detachable hair extensions like clip-ins or wigs, which it is advised to remove before bed. Examples of semi-permanent techniques include keratin hair extensions and tape-in hair extensions. Tape-in hair extensions employ tape, whereas keratin hair attaches to actual hair via a hot or cold fusion procedure. As a result, the bond is very strong and difficult to sever. It is absolutely safe to roll over in bed or sleep while wearing them as long as you attach them properly and the ties are strong.

The same is true for other semi-permanent techniques, such as weft or sew-in hair extensions. It would be impossible to delete it every night before bed since it would take a lot of work. You don’t need to take it off so you may comfortably relax.

2. Using hair extensions while sleeping

Even with semi-permanent hair extensions that are advertised as being secure enough to wear while sleeping, things can still go wrong. Some individuals have poor sleeping patterns. They frequently turn over when they are asleep, and when they awaken, their hair is frizzy. Some people let their spouses, kids, or dogs sleep on their beds, where they could unwittingly end up on the hair extensions. You cannot prevent all of these outside impacts, but you can certainly take steps to reduce them.

2.1. Ponytails and braids

Braiding your hair is the greatest technique to keep it from tangling, especially if you are wearing a really long hair extension. Use a detangling-specific brush to gently brush your hair completely every night before bed, and then braid it loosely thereafter. It can not only maintain your hair tidy but also stop tangling brought on by you or your spouse. In the morning, braiding your hair extension might help it become naturally wavy. By braiding it either looser or tighter, you may alter the volume.

If you have a medium- or short-length hair extension, tie it with a band or pull it back into a basic ponytail before bed to keep it out of the way. Always remember to brush your hair beforehand to get rid of any tangles and knots. Avoid tying your hair too tightly since this might lead to discomfort and strain.

2.2. Hair cap and scarf

A hair cap designed for sleeping is a simpler approach to safeguard your hair extension. A satin or silk sleeping hair cap is a popular choice since it has a smooth, wrinkle-free texture that can assist prevent tangles while you sleep. If desired, tie or braid your hair before covering it with the cap.

Use a silk scarf to wrap your hair if you don’t want your hair to be wavy when you wake up as a result of the braids. It is advised to avoid using a cotton-made scarf or hair cap since cotton absorbs moisture from your hair and causes it to become dry and frizzy.

2.3. Pillows and pillowcases

Just finished reading it: Your hair will get dry because cotton fabrics absorb moisture. You should thus pay attention to the material of your pillows and pillowcases. Silk or satin pillows are a need for your hair care regimen. Using a satin or silk pillow while you sleep may lessen friction, which can cause the cuticles to become harsh and damaged.

  • What to think about when using hair extensions while sleeping
  • Never rest your head on damp hair extensions. Wet hair is more likely to tangle and can be a complete disaster in the morning that takes a long time to untangle. So make sure your hair is totally dry before braiding it or putting it in a scarf. If you can’t wait for it to dry naturally, use a low- to medium-temperature blow dryer.
  • A painful braid or ponytail. Just enough hairspray should be applied to the band to hold your hair in place. Too tight of a hair tie or braid can result in strain, harm to the scalp, as well as an uncomfortable feeling.
  • It is advised to condition your hair extension the night before. No matter what kind of hair extensions you use, periodically conditioning overnight will be beneficial since it will make your hair seem more lustrous and healthier. Apply a reasonable amount of hair serum or essential oils to the hair strands after brushing, being careful to keep the roots and scalp out of the touch. Then conceal your hair extension under your sleeping hat or cover it in a scarf. Your hair extension will be more supple, silky, and smooth in the morning.


It is true that hair extensions frequently cannot be treated the same as natural hair and require specific care. But now that PHUONGNAM HAIR has provided this information, at least you may confidently sleep with your hair extensions without any concerns. Want more information on how to wear and take care of hair extensions? For the finest help possible, feel free to get in touch with our staff RIGHT AWAY.


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