Are you a lover of hair extensions and seeking for a reliable quality hair extensions store in your neighborhood, but you don’t know which brand can suit your favorite style or the quality that you like, such as genuine hair extensions? As a result, this post will assist you in locating the top best location to purchase hair extensions online. Let’s keep an eye on it and see what happens!

1. America

1.1. Market Hair Extensions

This hair extensions company was founded in 2008 with the goal of supplying consumers with high-quality and attractive hair extensions as well as hair equipment. Market Hair Extension makes every effort to be different from the usual approach, from reducing circulation processes to delivering items directly from manufacturers, so that consumers’ costs are reduced significantly and manufacturers gain more advantages.

The firm is a subsidiary of Eugenics Co., Ltd, one of the world’s biggest online hair extensions sellers with operations in several countries. This allows Market Hair Extensions to collaborate closely with worldwide distributors and promise consumers that they can supply the highest-quality hair extensions at the most affordable pricing. They are eager to give excellent customer service and like working in an international environment.

Market Hair Extensions, being a global shop, can ship items all over the world. They do want to provide clients with high-quality items that are delivered on schedule. It is why they constantly receive high levels of consumer satisfaction. They also have a very strong business trade team and supply items to various shops throughout the world, including the United States, Australia, and many other nations. This firm is deserving of the title of best place to buy hair extensions online.


  • Shipping is expedited
  • Global shipping is available
  • Excellent client service
  • Excellent return policy


  • There are situations when the merchandise is not delivered on time.
  • Consumers are given incorrect hair products by the corporation.

1.2. The Hair Shop

With a history of more than 30 years, this is one of the most well-known hair extensions stores in the United States. Clients will be completely happy with The Hair Shop Inc.’s wide range of hair types, lengths, and colors. The company’s product line includes everything from ready-to-wear hair to the best quality hair extensions. They not only offer their items online, but they also have over seven retail locations around the United States. The Hair Store is currently flourishing even more and has established itself as the greatest site to buy hair extensions online.

Consumers are nearly completely delighted with the quality of the hair extensions provided by The Hair Shop, as well as the excellent service. Several famous stylists, respected studios, and influencers have visited The Hair Store and made it their favorite location to get hair extensions.


  • Hair extensions come in a variety of styles.
  • You may select from a variety of lengths.
  • Professional goods
  • Offer a class for consumers to learn how to utilize the items.


  • Occasionally buyers are sent incorrect merchandise.
  • Lifespan is not very lengthy.

2. The United Kingdom

2.1. HairbySueno

This shop is one of the most well-known producers of high-quality 100% human hair extension items. We specialize in hair extensions customisation, hair clip-ins excellent for clients with fine hair, and hair bundles that come on wefts perfect weaving and hair extensions making, in addition to our hair bundles that come on wefts perfect weaving and hair extensions creating. Our staff consists of wig and color professionals. They are currently one of the top places in the UK to buy hair extensions online.


  • A diverse selection of options for all consumers
  • 100% genuine hair texture
  • Consumers are generally pleased with the things they purchase from HairbySueno.


  • Delivery might be sluggish at times
  • Hair extension products have a rather limited lifetime

2.2. Lush hair extension UK

Lush Hair Extensions, one of the largest independent online human hair extension retailers in the UK, was founded in June 2006. They are quite proud of the items they provide since all of the actual human hair they use comes from ethical vendors all around the world. Lush Hair Extensions guarantees that they have 100% Remy human hair extensions of excellent quality and at an affordable price for all consumers.


  • The extensions are made entirely of genuine hair. The hair is then disinfected and processed at the factory, resulting in soft, beautiful, and lustrous hair.
  • The hair extension will protect your original hair from chemical interference since chemicals cause the hair to dry out and lose its natural attractiveness. Only when you need to bend, stretch, or color your hair will you need to take care of the extensions using expensive materials in a reputable salon with a clear origin.


  • Delivery time is very long.
  • Customers are occasionally sent incorrect merchandise.

3. China

3.1. Beauty Forever Hair Extensions

This is one of the greatest places in China to buy hair extensions online since it offers 100% Remy Human hair extensions. With Beauty Forever, you can obtain your hair in the best condition you’ve ever had, with great quality and exquisite style. Moreover, hair extensions provide you with a variety of options: Clip-in extensions, tape-in extensions, and micro hair extensions are all options.

With approximately 22 years of expertise, the firm was founded in 1999 in Henan, China. It began as a tiny local textile processing company and has now grown to become a global human hair corporation. They focused on professional hair design, manufacturing, and customer service for consumers worldwide. Beauty Forever’s website was created in 2016 and has since grown to become a professional online virgin hair provider and one of the finest hair extensions sellers.’s physical location is Room1702, Building 16A, The National University Science and Technology Park, Dianchang Road, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China. And the phone number to call is 6262487420.


  • Price is quite reasonable
  • Bondings that are not evident
  • Excellent hair color
  • Various length extensions are available upon request: 18″, 20″, 22″, and 24″


  • Delivery time is very long
  • Unqualified excellence

3.2. First Hair

This hair extensions company was created in 2002 and is renowned as one of the greatest hair manufacturers in China that is rapidly increasing. The company’s plant is in QingDao, China. It has recently begun to expand its distribution services, and it is going global with many different distributions from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and even South Africa. One of the best places to buy hair extensions online – FirstHair is proud to be the best place to buy hair extensions online, offering customers a wide range of human hair extensions, including all lace hair extensions and other lace frontals.


  • Global distribution
  • Customer assistance is available around the clock.
  • Customer return policy is really simple.


  • Several buyers express dissatisfaction with the product’s quality.

4. Vietnam


This is one of the top places in Vietnam to buy hair extensions online. When you visit PHUONGNAM HAIR, you will be assisted by specialists with your hair extension finest options, including branding, hair extension strands, and even market expansion. Belady hair is rapidly expanding, as are its fantastic clients, stylists, salon owners, celebrities, and, last but not least, hair entrepreneurs.

There are many different sorts of hair extensions, and you probably don’t know which one to get. With many years of expertise selling and consulting in the local and international markets, the firm understands exactly what its clients want.


  • 100% genuine hair
  • International shipping
  • Excellent client service
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


  • Occasionally, delivery is slow


  • Website:
  • Fanpage Facebook: Phuongnam Hair
  • Instagram: phuongnamhair_03
  • WhatsApp: (+84) 98 102 53 28
  • Location: Building A1, Vinhomes Gardenia, Ham Nghi Ward, Cau Dien, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi, Vietnam

5. How do you pick the best hair extensions for you?

5.1. Choose the appropriate hair color

There are various hues to pick from when purchasing hair extensions, ranging from light, neutral to startling. But, if you want to seem natural, use a hue that is similar to your actual hair color.

So, depending on the season, you may pick a lighter hue than the original color in the summer and a darker color than the original in the winter. With only that easy color choice, you will have stylish hair that no one will identify as hair extensions.

5.2. Choose items that have a definite origin.

Hair extension demand is expanding, and there are numerous product suppliers to suit the need. But, you don’t know which one sells high-quality, safe hair extensions from a known source.

In truth, hair extensions made of Remy hair from Vietnam or India are always praised for their high quality, but some providers have blended low-quality, low-cost hair fiber to increase profits. To avoid the “money loss” situation, you must be cautious and well educated about the origins of hair extensions and providers.

To locate some of the most trustworthy and well-known vendors of high-quality hair extensions. You may use the list of top places to purchase hair extensions online above to select fashionable hair extensions with 100% clear origin.

5.3. Choose the appropriate material

Material is the second most crucial aspect to consider when purchasing hair extensions since it has a direct influence on durability. The market presently has two types of hair extensions: real hair and synthetic hair. The thickness, color, and price of these two types of hair separate them. Hair constructed of thick synthetic fiber contains yarn, a glossy hue, does not appear natural, and is less expensive than actual hair. While the price is more, but the benefits are more natural, the majority of people continue to use real hair extensions. The list of finest places to purchase hair extensions online from us may assist you in purchasing high-quality items.

6. How to Keep Your Hair Extensions Safe

6.1. When the temperature is excessively hot, avoid wearing hair extensions

While using conventional hair extensions in hot weather, the scalp skin becomes more mucus-clogged, resulting in poor blood circulation and bacterial infection. As a result, you should avoid using these goods too frequently while it is hot, and remember to clean them well.

Simply said, you now have a silky hair extension that appears like genuine hair while generating no discomfort or negative health repercussions. Changing and renewing your appearance with hair extensions is the first step toward new triumphs and pleasure.

6.2. Where can I find high-quality hair extensions with a good reputation?

You already know what sort of hair you want to buy after identifying the aforementioned aspects, right? Yet, with hundreds of options, how can you know where to get hair extensions that are both safe and high-quality? Don’t worry; we’ve already provided you with a lot of options for the finest location to buy hair extensions online. Thus, take your time and get the greatest hair extensions for you.

6.3. Ensure to style your hair before leaving the house.

After removing the label, you normally insert a hair extension into your head. The difficult aspect is that you have to arrange your hair every morning before the squad. Hence, if your company sells hair extensions with styling services, ask them to design a hairdo for you.

6.4. Take note of how shiny your hair is.

Hair extensions are much shinier than natural hair, making them easily identifiable, especially synthetic fiber hair extensions. If you want your hair extension to seem more natural, use a specific hair powder and comb it into your hair before applying it. The gloss of the hair extension will enhance and it will appear natural. Any of the top places to buy hair extensions online we’ve mentioned above may help you seem more natural.

6.5. Use your hair extensions correctly

Did you know that scalp grease might affect the life of a hair extension? As a result, whenever you wear a hair extension, you should wear a plastic cap that conceals your natural hair. If you must wear hair extensions on a daily basis, you may invest in 2-3 various types of hair extensions to create unique looks while assuring long-term durability.

Because the usage of hair extensions is becoming more popular, the expertise offered by professionals will undoubtedly assist you in selecting the proper hair extensions for your face and constantly looking beautiful throughout time. Your team’s hair extensions will be flawless, resembling genuine hair in every detail, and no one will be able to tell the difference.

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