Hair extensions are the ideal answer for this issue because not everyone was born with naturally long and thick hair. Do hair extensions, however, damage your natural hair? Discover the appropriate response to your query by reading the article below!

1. Hair extensions: do they damage your hair? The most prevalent fallacy

If they are fitted and taken care of properly, hair extensions won’t destroy your hair, which is the correct response to the question.

Due to the limited selection, hair extensions formerly had a bad reputation. There are several hair extension options available nowadays that are kind to the hair and do no damage. Working with a qualified specialist who can perfectly install your new, gorgeous locks is essential when it comes to hair extensions.

2. 7 more false beliefs regarding hair extensions

2.1. Hair extensions won’t appear natural

A novice technician or someone attempting to utilize cheap extensions are solely to blame for this problem. If you work with a qualified expert with a solid reputation, you can be confident that the mix will be smooth. Your selected specialist will spend some time learning about your needs and the state of your hair during your consultation. Then, in time for your fitting appointment, they will color-match and get ready your extensions. Each strand will be manually positioned in accordance with the pattern of your hair in order to obtain a natural look.

2.2. Tracks left by hair extensions will appear

Certain hair extensions need a track. It does not necessarily need to be observed, though. It is almost obvious if someone is using clip-in extensions that they have fitted themselves if they have a visible track. It’s also conceivable that their weft was seen because it was positioned too high on their head. Professional hair extension installers will make sure that no tracks, bonds, or rings are apparent while installing any kind of hair extensions. The lower portion of the scalp, known as the “safe zone,” will be used to gently place extensions. There will be enough hair to cover the track because the “safe zone” is below your brow line.

2.3. Your headaches will be caused by more hair

If you get headaches while wearing hair extensions, it’s most likely because you connected your clip-ins improperly or your extensions weren’t fitted properly. On the other hand, professionally fitted extensions will be weighed and measured to make sure the extra hair is as discrete and pleasant as possible.

2.4. Hair extensions require a lot of upkeep and tangle

Just like real hair, your hair extensions won’t tangle until you forget to take care of them. Hair extensions’ lack of upkeep or expert salon care is one of its most alluring features. To make sure the extensions last a long time, you may take care of your set yourself in the same way you would your natural hair. Hair extensions don’t need to be cleaned as regularly because they aren’t affixed to your scalp and don’t get greasy.

2.5. Only extraordinary events should call for wearing more hair

Hair extensions are made to help you look and feel your best every day, whether you’re going out for coffee or special events. Hair extensions are popular among women all over the world since they are easy to apply, pleasant enough to wear all day, and remove without leaving any damage.

2.6. On me, hair extensions appear artificial

The best grade human hair, used to make our hair extensions, is used in their creation. This is because the cuticle, or the hair’s outermost layer, is still there and hasn’t been peeled off. You can choose a pair of hair extensions that perfectly match your natural hair thanks to this and our wide variety of colors and weights. It could take some work to get the right blend in, but once you do, you won’t have to worry about your hair extensions being false if you choose a color that matches and a set that blends in.

2.7. Hair extensions have one possible purpose

You may create a variety of hairstyles when you clip those extensions in. If you want to make an Ariana Grande ponytail, achieve ocean waves, or braid your hair like a real Disney princess, you have a lot of styling possibilities.

3. Top 4 least harmful techniques for adding hair extensions

3.1. Tape-in

Because the adhesive for tape-in hair extensions lies level on your head, it would be difficult for it to injure your hair. You may lengthen and add volume to your hair by placing a very little section of it between two tape-ins. It functions in a manner similar to velcro, but is safer and kinder to your hair.

3.2. Clip-in

When you wish to wear or take off your clip-in hair extensions, just unclip the clips from the base of the wefts. By wearing them longer than required, you won’t be straining your scalp. For the short hours it takes to apply them till you leave the gala and go home, clip-ins are comfortable enough to wear.

3.3. Wig

The best thing about wigs is that, when worn properly, they do the least damage to your natural hair when compared to other types of extension. Wigs lay on top of your mane as it is styled protectively as opposed to extensions, which adhere to your natural strands. Even better, put on a wig hat for an additional layer of defense. Anyone worried about acquiring extensions that match the color and texture of their own hair is advised to consider wearing a wig.

3.4. Ponytail

It’s a different kind of clip-in hair extension. When you want your hair combed gently away from your face and into a ponytail, this method is perfect. The clip-in pony is secured with bobby pins on the opposite sides and covered with a section of your own ponytail wrapped around the pony. There isn’t much space for harm to your hair when using a ponytail hair extension because of the straightforward application process.

4. How should hair extensions be cared for?

You should bear the following in mind when caring for hair extensions:

  • Keep your hair clean.
  • Ensure that your hair is totally dry after taking a bath or swimming.
  • Make use of brushes with soft bristles.
  • Refrain from spending too much time in the sun, chlorine, or the sea.
  • Regularly apply conditioner to your hair extensions.
  • Try to avoid washing your hair extensions every day.
  • Completely dry your hair before sleeping.
  • Let the diluted wash water sit with your hair extensions.
  • Use cold water to rinse your extensions.

With the help of this post, we hope you can learn how to properly take care of hair extensions and stop worrying about whether they will damage your natural hair.


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