Changing your hair is one of the simplest and fastest ways to alter your look. You may finish it in a short amount of time without using a lot of money or work if you use hair extensions.

However, not everyone can utilize extensions efficiently, especially those with short hair. Don’t worry, PHUONGNAM HAIR’s guide in this post will show you how to conceal extensions in concise hair.

1. Why Can’t Hair Extensions Work With Short Hairstyles?

The majority of ladies with long hair have their demands met by hair sellers that provide hair extensions. Pixie hair is lovely, but if it’s too short and thin, it will make you seem worn out. Many females see hair weaving as a fix.

Extensions are tough to conceal with short hair. Short-hair teams have it harder since long-haired ladies may alter their appearance with different hair weaves.

There are several causes for this, but your need for assistance in locating hair extensions with the weight and length you desire is the primary one.

Virgin hair, synthetic fiber, and cloth are the three most often used materials. Weight and texture will vary depending on the material. Natural hair usually weighs a lot more than the other two elements.

Additionally, short haircuts like the blunt cut or bob are inappropriate for hair extensions. It’s challenging to put together and will give you a strange appearance.

2. How Can Extensions Be Hidden In Very Short Hair?

It’s finally here—the part you’ve all been waiting for. These six techniques may be used to conceal hair extensions in short haircuts like pixie cuts.

2.1. Reduce The Strands’ Length

If the length of the hair extension and the natural hair are too dissimilar due to the shortness of your original hairdo, it is simple to be revealed. Therefore, cut the hair weave once more to match your hair.

To achieve the most natural-looking haircut, attach the extension to your own hair. After that, brush your hair to ensure that every tangle is gone.

To match the length of the natural hair, trim the hair extension. You may get a qualified hairstylist to accomplish this; after finishing, combine the two types of hair.

The key to using this technique is to clip a small section of hair at a time to allow for error. For a more natural appearance, it would be advisable to wait until your hair has dried before cutting it.

2.2. Adapt The Extensions

Customizing your hair extensions is one approach to ensure that they will mix in with your short hair. If these two hair portions have distinct styling, it will be quite clear that there is a difference.

There are several styling options, including dying, curling, and trimming. The wig will have more volume and look lovely if it is styled similarly to your own hair.

Before styling, pin your hair to guarantee consistency. It makes the appearance more unified overall. You might also split your curls if that would assist. When combined with natural hair, it will be difficult for others to tell the difference.

2.3. Braiding or Twisting

Braiding or twisting ugly wigs into real hair is an easy way to conceal them. After that, secure the braid on your scalp with pins.

This technique aids in forming a natural covering over the connections between the hair roots and hair extensions. Without applying pressure on the scalp, it links the hairs together.

You can move more freely when you have braids. If you work out hard all day, you won’t have to be concerned about showing off your extensions.

2.4. Apply A Wig

If the aforementioned techniques seem overly hard, consider the easiest solution: wearing a wig. A wig is a piece of 3D-shaped lace that completely covers your scalp. People would weave or embroider curls on it to make hairstyles.

To alter your appearance, you might wrap your hair and put on a wig. It’s quite easy to use and nobody will notice the difference. The disadvantage of this procedure is that wearing a wig often will harm the raw hair and scalp.

2.5. Wear Denser Wefts

Choosing the proper weight is one of the most difficult aspects when looking for the best hair extensions for short hair.

You need more wefts than normal in order to completely conceal the extensions. To satisfy this requirement, pick hair weaves weighing more than 220 grams.

2.6. Select the appropriate color

To seamlessly merge hair extensions into your natural hair, you must pick the proper color. To establish harmony at the ends of a balayage or ombre hairdo, pick extensions in the same color as your hair or color them.

Instead of concentrating on the ends, look at the roots. Your look will be determined by this region.

3. How Can Very Short Hair Be Extended?

Although you can attach hair extensions at home, it’s safer for ladies with short hair, such as pixie cuts, to do it in the salon. Professionals will offer you the most immaculate appearance and assist you in developing the proper style.

The procedure for applying hair extensions can still be learned. It makes it easier for you to comprehend just how your hair is styled.

Here are the methods for applying hair extensions correctly and safely:

  • Before you link your hair, give your hair a good wash. Because oil and debris can make hair extensions looser, your scalp has to be clean. Additionally, filthy hair will make you feel uneasy.
  • Let your hair totally dry after shampooing before braiding it. Because the strands have the same bounce and have no impact on the final appearance, style may be done with more precision.
  • Your natural hair should be combed to eliminate any knots. It will be simpler to merge the extensions with the scalp the flatter the hair is.
  • Start styling your hair to your desire after applying for the extension. Trim, color, or perm are all options.
  • To get rid of any oil or stickiness on the scalp close to the application area, use a gentle cleanser.
  • To provide a barrier between the scalp and the glue, spray a scalp protectant. You have now finished the hair extension phases.

We hope you’ve learned how to conceal extensions in extremely short hair after reading this post. Although it is challenging, you can experiment with our six techniques to mix extensions into short haircuts.

Do not forget to tell others about your findings and experiences. To help everyone learn more, please spread the word about this article.

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