Since ancient times, people have been using wigs, and different forms of this attractive hair accessory are available. Wigs are evolving and growing in popularity around the world to better suit users’ needs and goals. If you’ve never worn a wig before, this article will undoubtedly help you select the one that best meets your requirements. To help you better understand the well-known wig items, PHUONGNAMHAIR has outlined the top 7 wig varieties.

A wig can be distinguished by its wig material (or hair) and wig cap construction, which are its two key distinguishing features. Below, we list every variation under each of the two categories.

1. Distinct wigs types according to hair material

1.1. Remy human hair wig

  • Simple style. The best wig in general and the best wig made of human hair in particular is a Remy wig. It can be colored, straightened, permed, shagged, or styled. When you want a wig of the most outstanding caliber that is not only made of actual hair but also enables you to care for it like your own hair, Remy human hair wigs are the best option.

  • The epidermis remains unharmed. This makes it easier to tell this wig from wigs made of regular human hair. Because the base and top are pointing in the same direction, the cuticle is not blurry or twisted. Non-Remy human hair wigs are shinier, smoother, and more durable. They are more expensive than other wigs, it should be noted.

1.2. Human hair wig

  • A top-notch human hair wig is not inexpensive. Genuine human hair wigs cost more than those made of synthetic fibers. Prices for these wigs might vary significantly across the many styles that are offered because the cost of these wigs is determined by the grade of hair utilized. When looking to get a human hair wig, you should educate yourself on the various varieties of human hair.
  • Various lengths and styles of wigs. Real hair wigs are a fantastic option for people who desire hair that is shoulder-length or longer, who constantly alter their hairstyles, who want the best hair texture possible, and who wear wigs for an extended period of time. Once you have invested in a wig made of genuine hair, you cannot go back to any other wig.

1.3. Synthetic wigs

The fact that synthetic wigs are substantially less expensive than those made of human hair is not surprising, but modern synthetic wigs are also much better built and may still produce a very natural-looking appearance. eye. Even though there is a “heat-safe” synthetic fiber wig available, synthetic wigs are often not long-lasting and are not advised for persons who use a lot of styling agents on their hair.

2. Distinct wig types based on hat structure

2.1. Wig without cap

A side wig or open hat are other names for this straightforward wig cap. The machine-made hat is constructed out of thin elastic bands that are stitched to the weft threads. Because it is not a solid surface and air can move across it, it is “capless.” Your scalp won’t become overheated because there is airflow between the wefts. This wig provides total concealment.

2.2. Front lace wig

As the name implies, these wigs only include lace on the front portion of the accessory. To hold the wig in place while you put it on, the remainder of the hat is a little bit thicker and may have clips stitched on. The rest of the wig is typically constructed of a material that won’t likely shred or tear the lace, in part because it is composed of a less fragile substance. Lace-front wigs are fairly popular.

2.3. Single yarn wig

One of these wig designs is the wire cap, which offers the most realistic appearance. It has the following unique characteristics:

  • In this wig, individual hair strands are hand-applied to polyester or nylon micro-mesh. It may even be divided or combed in any way and is even shaped like the skin that surrounds your hair. Since the material is much softer than the traditional caps used by many wig businesses, they are perfect if you have thin or balding hair or a sensitive scalp.
  • The majority of monofilament wigs are either totally or partially hand-tied, and while the fully hand-tied variety is the most expensive, it also has the most realistic appearance. The wig’s hand-tied hairs or strands, which raise the production cost, are partially to blame for this.

If you want to get a single-strand wig but are unsure if your budget will permit it, pick one with a leather or leather upper, as these are typically much less expensive. These wigs are often less expensive than conventional single-strand wigs since they typically have a weft cap and fewer micro mesh.

2.4. Full lace wig

A full-sized lace cap and urethane bands to secure the adhesive make up the full lace wig. All-lace wigs are quite versatile because they can be divided, shaped, and combed however you like. These wigs are higher than typical wigs, but they are a great investment because they stay a lot longer and are much more adaptable. If you frequently use wigs and desire the most natural-looking wig, all lace wigs are just what you need to hunt for.


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