Don’t know the grades of Vietnamese hair and want to acquire it in bulk to start your business? Then this article is for you; it will provide you a summary of the Vietnamese hair grade scheme.

1. Overview of the Vietnamese hair grade scheme

1.1. What levels of Vietnamese hair quality are there?

Vietnamese hair is currently divided into four main categories for the Vietnamese hair market by the majority of the largest hair producers. In this section, I’ll go through the concept of Vietnamese hair quality classes and their categorizations. How many different ways can you identify them and identify them without any difficulty?

The Vietnamese hair quality classifications are one method of classifying hair based on the thickness of the Vietnamese hair bundle; the higher the quality, the thicker the bundle. Undoubtedly, different prices will be charged by hair producers for hair of various thicknesses.

1.2. Vietnamese hair quality classes are categorized.

Despite the existence of numerous facilities for classifying hair, there are three main categories for Vietnamese raw hair, specifically hair products, of the quality classes available on the Vietnamese hair market: Hair is drawn in three different ways: single, double, and super double

1.2.1. A solitary drawn hair

  • Customers who wish to create curly styles like egg curls, kinks, pixies, and so forth should buy hair with such a fine thickness. Customers shouldn’t acquire natural straight haircuts for single double-drawn hair since they will look dreadful and make the hair appear thin.
  • Single-drawn hair is the category with the thinnest hair in the range of Vietnamese hair quality ratings. According to the hypothesis, only 40 to 50 percent of all hair strands are equal; the remaining percentage is made up of short, floppy hair.
  • Due to its unappealing appearance, single-drawn hair is unquestionably the least expensive item on the pricing list. Their price ranges from 8.9 to 65 dollars for long hair that is 8 inches or longer.
  • People with limited incomes who want to upgrade will be the target market for customers with this hair type. Only one drawn hair can be found at a low cost with outstanding quality.

1.2.2. Hair is drawn twice

  • Double-drawn hair is classified as having average hair thickness when it comes to Vietnamese hair quality ratings. In theory, the remaining strands will be hairs, with 50–70% of the hairs being the same length. It won’t be too much to show them merely 30 to 40 percent of your hair as the double-drawn hair bundle also appears to be full.
  • The cost of double-drawn hair is only a little higher than that of single-drawn hair. In comparison to a single pulled hair, it costs only $12 to $71 with a length of 8 to 30 inches.
  • Due to its thickness and cost, double-drawn hair is the most popular hair kind among customers, particularly those in Africa. Thanks to the reasonable price and excellent quality, everybody can have stunning hair. Double-drawn hair may create any hairstyle in the book, making it look attractive and voluminous even if your hair is naturally straight.

1.2.3. Incredibly double-drawn hair

  • The consumer considers super double-drawn hair to be the most expensive product available among the four hair thickness categories of Vietnamese hair quality grades. When 80-90 percent of the strands are the same length and there aren’t many strands, the super double seems fuller from top to bottom.
  • Due to the time and effort needed to select hair strands of the same length to be bundled together, super double drawn is pricy. Super double-drawn bundles are available in lengths between 8 and 30 inches, with prices ranging from $15 to $80.
  • The super double-drawn product will finally be chosen by which customer file? With hair this thick, the factory can manufacture any hairstyle, especially one with straight or bone-straight hair that looks wonderful. Due to the extravagant price, the majority of people who buy hair will be wealthy, earn high wages, and be willing to spend a lot of money on this wig. Why do you want excessively drawn hair? is an extra resource for information.

2. Comparison of Vietnamese single-drawn, Vietnamese double-drawn, and Vietnamese super double-drawn hair grades

Here is a comparison between the various hair grades so that you can better comprehend them:

2.1. In terms of excellence

The king of any commodity is quality:

  • Vietnamese single-pulled hair: Each bundle is made from the hair of a single contributor, which is then woven into a weft. Although it becomes thinner and weathers as it gets closer to completion, the root is actually quite thick. As a result, the thickness and smoothness are improperly considered.
  • About 30 to 50 percent of the hair in Vietnamese double-drawn hair is the same length.
  • Two types of super double-drawn hair from Vietnam: one is thicker and the other is double-drawn. Because of this, super double-drawn human hair extensions are more expensive than double-drawn human hair extensions. These two hairs both last a very long time.

2.2. In terms of cost

  • Vietnamese single-drawn hair: Almost everyone can afford it.
  • Vietnamese double-drawn hair: Depending on the length of the hair, it might cost anywhere from 10% to 15% more than single-drawn hair. Vietnamese Double Drawn hair can be afforded even by people with limited funds.
  • Vietnamese people with extraordinary double-drawn hair have the biggest wallets. This costs twice as much as a single pulled weft of hair.

2.3. In terms of customer feedback

  • Vietnamese single-drawn hair is an inexpensive commodity of poor quality. The majority of buyers—more than 70%—have indicated that they won’t buy this product again.
  • Vietnamese double-drawn hair is reasonably priced and of average quality. Due to its enormous typical client market, it is recognized as the most popular product.
  • Super double-drawn hair from Vietnam is an expensive product of the greatest caliber. Vietnamese super double-drawn hair, in any case, is the best premium hair extension product available.

3. Top-tier Vietnamese hair is super double-drawn hair.

Following the tutorial below, you may learn how to import Super Double Drawn Hair, which is the highest quality of Vietnamese hair after comparing the grades.

3.1. Why should I import extraordinary double-drawn Vietnamese hair for my own company?

I’ll explain why selecting Vietnamese double-drawn hair for your company is a good idea below:

3.1.1. For new businesses

Any new company should put quality first in order to keep clients and develop its brand. because the company’s first generation of consumers is willing to pay more for higher-quality goods. Your consumers will return more frequently as a result of the good customer feedback you receive.

The hair extension sector, and specifically the market for Super Double Drawn Hair, is a viable business because few companies are aware of this potential vision.

3.1.2. Regarding the wholesalers

If you’re working with wholesalers, you’re in luck because their profit margin on Vietnamese Super Double Drawn Hair is 100 times higher. As a result of the fact that your customer base is diversified and expanding swiftly, coming from a variety of places like hair salons, hair vendors, beauty salons, and so on. You in particular, with your enormous expenditure and great demand, have a firm hold on the bulk of clients. They are willing to spend more on thick, lustrous hair and are continually looking for high-quality goods. They are known as loyal customers, and they are essential for advertising your business.

3.2. How to import exceptional double-drawn hair from PHUONGNAM HAIR in Vietnam

3.2.1. Connecting with the employees of PHUONGNAM HAIR manufacturing

Because PHUONGNAM HAIR provides honest information on social media, it is simple to get in touch with actual factory employees:

  • Website: 
  • Location: Building A1, Vinhomes Gardenia, Ham Nghi Ward, Cau Dien, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi, Vietnam
  •  Hotline: (+84) 33 346 55 38       

3.2.2. Placing an order with the factory PHUONGNAM HAIR

  • List all the qualities of the hair extensions you need to purchase by doing as instructed: Grade, Hair Color, Hair Type, Length, Quantity, Size of the front closure Hair length, length, color, texture, and quantity.
  • The sales team at PHUONGNAM HAIR will create an invoice and make any necessary adjustments.

If you didn’t make a list beforehand or haven’t made up your mind yet, the sales staff at PHUONGNAM Hair can provide guidance on all the stylish, current haircuts that fall within your price range. You can also use video chats to check the quality of hair extensions.

3.2.3. Making a deposit

PHUONGNAM HAIR might ask for a deposit of at least 50% of the total cost (with the remaining balance owing after the hair is finished) or full payment if you’re happy with the invoice and want to start production. You have the option of paying in USD directly or through middlemen.

Paying through an intermediary (agent): PHUONGNAM HAIR Factory has a local bank account in Nigeria that enables customers from that country to make payments in local currency. Along with working with well-known agents like Gabriel, Temi, Onkeya, Sunday, Chinedu, Gideon, and others, they might also desire to do so.

Direct payment in USD:

Onepay: If you have a Visa or Mastercard, you can utilize Onepay. because it is a quick and simple method of payment. The sales staff will send you the link to make the payment.

This method is popular and useful: bank transfer. Payments can be made in person at the bank or over the phone. The transfer takes about 2-4 days, and it costs a reasonable amount of money.

Western Union: Payments can be made at a WU office or through the Western Union app. Don’t forget to choose “money in minutes” as your service type and “cash pickup” as your payment method.

Other approaches: Additionally, you can use RIA, Remitly, and Paypal.

Payments can be made in person at the bank or over the phone.

3.2.4. Begin hair growth

PHUONGNAM HAIR factory will begin making the hair based on your specifications after receiving payment.

3.2.5 Shipping 

You can choose to have UPS, DHL, or FedEx carry the package instead of the intermediate companies.

Utilizing middlemen for shipping:

  • Gabriel agent (Lagos, Nigeria): The most affordable and reliable agency is Gabriel Cargo. If you decide to choose Gabriel as your representative, we can deliver the hair on Wednesday or Saturday. It costs $15.5 per kilogram for delivery. Furthermore, it takes about 5-7 days to deliver the hair. When the hair is delivered from PHUONGNAM Hair, Gabriel’s agent will notify you via WhatsApp and provide an estimated delivery time.
  • If you operate your own shipping company in Vietnam, then you only need to submit the address. After that, they will help you arrange for the hair to be transported at a fair fee.
  • Another option is to choose a Chinese agent who would provide the hair every day. Hair ships for $11/kg and takes 3–5 days to arrive in China. But with the Covid-19 outbreak and the order to close the border, it might take 12 to 20 days.

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