One of the top 5 nations in the world for hair quality is Vietnam, which is proud of this distinction. Vietnamese hair is in high demand since it is of the highest quality and most competitively priced. So let’s discuss Vietnamese hair and what makes it the highest grade hair available.

1. Origin of vietnamese hair 

Vietnamese hair is characterized as having totally natural human hair that has been obtained straight from Vietnamese women between the ages of 18 and 30 who inhabit Vietnam’s mountainous areas.

  • Because keratin, the substance that keeps hair smooth, is most abundant at this age, women should start having children. Vietnamese hair is hence extremely silky even after treatments.
  • Vietnamese hair is always manufactured in the greatest quality by hand-sorting it by expert workers after carefully choosing just the best hair.
  • Vietnamese hair is only extracted from one to three donors at a time to ensure that it is strong and aesthetically pleasing after styling, is not tangled, and has a consistent texture.

Vietnamese women who reside in hilly areas seldom get their hair curled or exposed to harsh chemicals, which gives their hair an extremely strong and long-lasting quality. beautiful and meet all customer requirements.

2. Vietnamese hair quality classification 

Here are some ways for you to classify the quality of Vietnamese hair: 

2.1. The grade of Vietnamese hair

Vietnamese hair quality is determined by the thickness of the wholesale hair extension bundles measured from top to bottom. Vietnamese hair is therefore divided into four distinct quality classes: single drawn, double drawn, super double drawn 1, and super double drawn 2.

  • Single drawn hair: has a length that is similar by 10% to 20%. Hair that is thin at the tail will seem thick at the base. Layering works well with this hair type.
  • Double drawn hair: around 30–50% of the hair is the same length. an affordable fee for those in middle-class circumstances.
  • Super double drawn hair 1: is composed completely of Vietnamese hair of the greatest quality and consistency. The majority of the hair, between 85 and 90 percent, is the same length. The hair seems extraordinarily thick and homogeneous as a result.
  • Super double drawn hair 2: consists of around 65–70% hair that is the same length. Although the proportion is lower than in super double drawn 1, the volume of hair is still astounding.

2.2 Classification of hair quality 

Depending on the quantity of donors and hair quality, there are two varieties of Vietnamese raw hair: virgin hair and remy hair.

  • Vietnamese virgin hair: is certain to remain fresh and undisturbed. That is to say, it is in fantastic shape and perfect for bleaching and restyling.
  • Vietnamese remy hair: gathers information from two or more contributors. Additionally, the hair is unprocessed and undamaged. It will also undoubtedly follow a regular course. The standard is therefore quite high.

3. Why have vietnamese hair extensions become the highest-quality hair available?

Vietnamese hair is proudly recognized as possessing some of the top 5 best characteristics found anywhere else in the world. What, therefore, accounts for Vietnamese hair’s allure and popularity with consumers? Do it right away and find out!

3.1 Vietnamese hair material is transparent 

In Vietnamese hair manufacturers, only human hair—not synthetic hair or animal fur—is utilized. Young Vietnamese donors between the ages of 18 and 30 are used to collecting the hair. Women’s hair from minority ethnic regions, in particular, is ideal for extensions since it is chemically free, long, smooth, and strong. Vietnamese hair is carefully inspected following ethical harvesting in order to provide customers the best possible experience.

3.2 Vietnamese hair have the best quality with affordable price 

Analysis shows that compared to its two competitors, China and India, Vietnamese hair is both much more costly and of superior quality.

Vietnamese hair is naturally robust and lustrous, unlike Indian hair, which is incredibly coarse and brittle, making it significantly more durable than the hair from the other two suppliers in terms of quality.

Vietnamese hair can be bleached well and is versatile, unlike Indian or Chinese hair can only be bleached to a limited range of color tones. While Chinese hair is more chemically shiny after bleaching, Vietnamese hair is more durable and naturally glossy.

Given the greater quality of Vietnamese hair, the price difference from Chinese hair is only a few dollars, which is extremely cheap.

Vietnamese hair firms are also very reliable since they never use synthetic fibers in actual human hair, which is a common complaint from customers who purchase hair from Chinese manufacturers.

In the imperfectly competitive economy of today, quality is always the first priority. In this aspect, Vietnamese hair completely dominates the market. Not to add that Vietnamese hair is reasonably priced, allowing customers to satisfy both their needs for affordability and quality.

3.3 Moderation and quality evaluation process of Vietnamese hair 

Vietnamese hair products must be of the highest quality possible, thus strict moderation and quality evaluation techniques are required. to make sure everything runs properly and up to the strict standards demanded by Vietnamese hair manufacturers.

Vietnamese hair manufacturing is much smaller than Chinese mass production, which makes it easier to maintain process control and guarantee consistent product quality.

3.4 Preservation and packaging Vietnamese hair 

To keep Vietnamese hair in good condition, preservation and packaging are crucial, just as with any other technique. The preservation and packaging processes of PHUONGNAM HAIR are always attentive focused on the hair quality.


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