The most common and luxurious hair kinds in Southeast Asia are Vietnamese and Cambodian. Each of them draws customers in a particular way.

Vietnamese hair is thought to be thinner and less glossy than Cambodian hair. Its slightly abrasive texture makes it ideal for people who desire to seem fuller. The voluminous hairstyles that may be made with Cambodian hair are great.

Despite being silkier and finer than Cambodian hair, Vietnamese hair is nevertheless incredibly luxuriant in texture. Customers adore it because of its inherent luster and body. Vietnamese hair is more suited for people who like a sleek, straight appearance.

Experts in the field claim that there are considerable differences between Vietnamese and Cambodian hair in terms of product quality, cost, and availability. To learn more about the repercussions of these contradictions, keep reading.

1. What country of origin are the hairs from Vietnam and Cambodia?

1.1. Origin of Cambodian hair

The bulk of Khmer people, who make up more than 90% of Cambodia’s population, are the source of the country’s hair.

People with poor living circumstances who reside in rural areas of western Cambodia are frequently used to collect Cambodian hair.

The long, black hair that the local poor women cultivate is for sale. This hair-selling is also seen as a source of money to help people with living expenses and ease their financial burden.

The lack of styling by Cambodian women before selling their hair to manufacturers makes their hair smooth and silky.

1.2. Vietnamese origins of hair

Vietnamese hair is more plentiful than Cambodian hair when compared since Vietnam has a population that is more than 90 million, or six times that of Cambodia.

Vietnamese ethnic minorities are concentrated in the northern highlands of Vietnam, where the majority of Vietnamese hair originates. Ethnic women have a tradition of growing out their hair long without the use of chemicals or artificial items. Vietnamese hair is lustrous and silky because of this.

Vietnamese hair may be divided into two categories: virgin hair and remy hair (acquired from several individuals) (taken from only one donor). The bulk of hair extensions sold in Vietnam are made from Remy hair, which has been carefully chosen for its consistency in quality and appearance.

Vietnamese hair is first collected, then it is cleaned and processed by the makers before being sold. In the most recent hair extension market, Vietnamese hair is also the hair of the highest grade.

2. Vietnamese vs. Cambodian hair traits

2.1. Texture

Despite the fact that Cambodia and Vietnam are both in Southeast Asia, Cambodian women’s DNA, environment, weather, and nutritional habits have an impact on how their hair is textured differently from Vietnamese women. The next paragraph will describe this distinction.

  • Due to the climate of the nation being divided into two seasons, the lengthy rainy season and the long dry season, Cambodian hair has a rough texture, a dense cuticle, is slightly curled, and has a modest amount of softness. The straight nature of Cambodian hair makes it simple to style in many ways, including curling or fluffing, as desired by the wearer.
  • Vietnamese hair texture is smoother, softer, and has a cuticle and hair fiber that are less coarse and coarser in comparison to Cambodian hair. Its straight hair texture makes it challenging to perplex. Because Vietnamese hair is thicker and more robust, styling procedures like curling or straightening won’t result in knots or breakage in your natural hair.

2.2. Hair quality

Cambodian hair is collected from a healthy donor, and is only suitable if it has not undergone any chemical processing. The likelihood of matting and tangling is decreased since the cuticles are often intact and oriented in the same direction.

On the other hand, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Vietnamese hair is among the highest quality hair kinds available right now. Vietnamese ladies are known for having silky, smooth hair. Due to their humble lifestyle and healthy eating practices, Vietnamese ladies are known for having the best hair.

In addition, Vietnamese people value their hair as a precious asset that contributes to their youth and attractiveness. Vietnamese women use natural herbal ingredients while washing their hair since research has proven that these ingredients improve the health of the scalp and hair as well as the strength and length of the hair. The human hair from Vietnam is incredibly silky and soft.

2.3. Cost-effectiveness

Vietnamese or Cambodian hair, which is less expensive? The obvious choice is Cambodian hair because it is more commonly available. For a number of reasons, Cambodia could sell hair on the international market for less money than certain other nations.

Cambodia lacks a specialized hair business due to its small population and the scarcity of Cambodian hair. There aren’t many small hair businesses in Cambodia, and those that do have outdated equipment are expensive to produce for. However, when compared, the cost of Vietnamese hair is somewhat more than the cost of Cambodian hair since Vietnamese hair is higher quality.

3. Assumption

As you can see, there are a lot of factors to take into account while deciding between Vietnamese and Cambodian hair extensions. The advantages and disadvantages of each hair type are unique. The finest hair extension for you will ultimately rely on both your personal tastes and your budget.

We really hope that this post has enabled you to focus your search and locate the ideal collection of extensions for your requirements.



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