The growth of pop culture, fashion, and social media has led to a boom in the hair extension industry. In the European hair extensions market, the number of raw hair extensions in the UK has rapidly expanded. I’ll provide you with a thorough description of the English hair extension market in this blog post, followed by a list of the top raw hair extensions in UK retailers.

1. Summary of raw hair extensions available in the UK

One of the busiest consumer markets for hair extensions is thought to be in the United Kingdom and all of Europe. I’ll give some background information about raw hair extensions UK suppliers who sell human hair wefts UK before talking about top-selling raw hair extensions in the UK and the UK hair extensions market.

1.1. Where do suppliers of raw hair extensions get their hair from?

The UK and many other European nations struggle to find raw human hair, especially blonde hair. As a result, the majority of human hair supplied to the UK for hair extensions comes from Asian countries like Vietnam, China, and India.

In the European consumer market, warm and vibrant hair colors like raw hair extensions in burgundy or blonde are in high demand rather than black hair extensions in the UK. On the other hand, imported Asian natural hair is mostly black. To turn black hair into any light color that customers desire, suppliers of raw hair extensions in the UK use sophisticated bleaching and coloring techniques. For this to happen, raw hair needs to be strong and in good shape. Vietnamese virgin hair is of the highest quality, which has led more and more UK vendors of human hair extensions to choose Vietnam as an import partner in recent years. Vietnam has a rising market for human hair supplies.

However, this does not suggest that black hair extensions are not well-liked or widely used in the UK. Customers in the UK who appreciate and frequently use black hair extensions include:

  • People in the UK seeking natural-looking, realistic hair extensions: Black raw hair is not only healthier, shinier, and smoother because it is not subjected to chemicals like dyeing or bleaching, but it also appears more natural. High-level color that has been bleached and dyed into high-level colors like silver or platinum, or blonde, however, can be extremely dry and end up seeming less realistic with time.
  • People with naturally black hair include: It is clear that a substantial portion of the population in the United Kingdom is ethnically diverse, with many of them hailing from countries where black hair is a genetic trait. Because of this, there is certainly a great demand for fine human hair wefts in the UK, especially black hair extensions that blend in well with customers’ natural hair.
  • For those who want to launch a retail or wholesale business in the hair extensions sector: Selling black hair extensions in the UK is an excellent method to launch your company because they are among the most natural-looking hair extensions available there. This is because black hair extensions UK are readily available for purchase in many other countries that are close to the UK, such as Ireland, Norway, Italy, and Ukraine. Human hair wefts UK are also more convenient for customers because they can be styled and colored more easily than colored hair because black hair extensions UK is already considered a high-quality hair type.

1.2 Characteristics of UK suppliers of raw hair extensions

Typically, hair quality is the primary criterion for raw hair extension buyers in the UK. As a result, many companies in the United Kingdom that offer hair extensions and raw hair extensions charge a premium for their services. Furthermore, the majority of hair extension products in the UK are of good quality and originate from trustworthy suppliers to preserve professionalism and confidence in the workplace.

2. UK’s best-selling raw hair extensions

Micro-rings, tape-ins, and clip-ins are the most widely used best raw hair extensions in the UK, as opposed to the African market, which consumes the most hair wigs and wefts.

2.1. Extensions made using Micro-rings

Small hair extensions called micro-rings are clamped onto your hair strands at the roots by human hair extensions UK suppliers using a tiny bead or metal ring. In the UK, this type of hair extension typically lasts for two to three months. Depending on how quickly your hair grows, longevity will vary. The wonderful thing about micro-rings is that they are acceptable for practically everyone because they are fully damage-free throughout the application procedure and may be removed at any time. In the UK, hair extensions and human hair extensions can last for three to four months before needing to be re-fitted.

2.2. Extensions with tape

Tape-in hair extensions from UK sellers of human hair wefts are attached to the hair root using medical tape, which is distinguishable by a line of adhesive along the top of the hair strip. One of the best hair extension methods in the UK, tape-ins give the hair more volume while looking completely natural and last for four to six weeks. You may color your tape-in hair extensions and easily create a variety of hairstyles thanks to these best hair extensions in the UK. It is typically advised that you hold off on removing these extensions for six to seven weeks.

2.3. Clip-in extensions for hair

Human hair extensions are available in the UK. The most common and stylish kind of hair extensions available in the UK is clip-ins. Wefts of numerous various lengths make up clip-ins. The least harmful kind of hair extension, it’s simple to clip into your hair and remove it whenever you choose. Additionally, clip-ins are by far the quickest and least expensive way to alter your hairdo. This kind of hair extension can last up to a year with proper care.

3. Top 3 UK suppliers of human hair extensions

The UK hair extension industry is flooded with high-quality extensions from a variety of vendors. The next section will discuss the top three reputable human hair extension businesses in the UK.

3.1. plsLondon – The UK supplier of bespoke raw hair extensions

A family-owned hair business called PlsLONDON was established in the UK in 2020, a year when the Covid-19 epidemic caused economic unrest. The founders’ combined expertise of more than 25 years in the hair industry and as customers enable them to completely understand their clients’ demands and design goods for hair extensions, particularly good hair extensions UK, that are specifically catered to them. The objective of this new UK-based company selling human hair extensions is to create a platform where hair extensions are more readily available and more reasonably priced, elevating it to the top of the market. As a result, the price of hair extensions in Pl London is among the lowest in the entire European market.

The following hair extensions are available from this amazing hair extension supplier in the UK: Russian Remy hair blended with virgin Afro hair.

3.2. Hair Planet – The knowledgeable supplier of raw hair extensions in the UK

The goal of HairPlanet Hair Extensions Ltd, a company founded in 2005, is to offer high-quality goods at affordable pricing. Hair Planet asserts to provide the best service and respectable hair extensions in the UK based on years of experience and careful research across the globe. Products made with 100% Remy hair extensions of the highest quality are imported from South America, Europe, and Asia.

Pre-bonded, micro loop, nano tip, and clip-in hair extensions are just a few of the several varieties that are offered.

3.3. The UK supplier of virgin raw hair extensions is London Virgin Hair.

The mission of London Virgin Hair is to dominate the market as the top provider of premium, ethically sourced, and reasonably priced hair extension goods. The wide variety of human hair extensions it offers online can be used on all hair types. All clients can anticipate high-quality hair at a reasonable cost.

High-end handcrafted wigs, straight clip-ins, kinky straight, loose wave, and deep wave virgin hair are some of the hair extensions offered.

4. Where else should I source hair imports outside UK wholesalers?

Hair comes from all around the world, not just from the United Kingdom. Vietnamese hair merchants are among the greatest hair extensions in the UK, making them a fantastic option for anyone looking for premium hair at a great price.

Along with the largest hair producers and hair extension suppliers in the UK, these are the top three Vietnamese wholesale hair suppliers to consider:

4.1. PHUONGNAM HAIR – Vietnamese wholesale hair vendor 

One of the top hair suppliers in Vietnam, PHUONGNAM HAIR has more than ten years of expertise in producing and selling hair. PHUONGNAM HAIR constantly tries its best to conduct research on how to improve the hair, ensure the quality, and continue to be the least expensive, with the motto YOUR SATISFACTION IS OUR HONOR.

  • Website:
  • Fanpage Facebook: Phuongnam Hair
  • Instagram: phuongnamhair_03
  • WhatsApp: (+84) 33 346 55 38
  • Location: Building A1, Vinhomes Gardenia, Ham Nghi Ward, Cau Dien, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi, Vietnam

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