Because Brazilian virgin hair is regarded as having the greatest quality hair on the market, top best wholesale hair merchants make an effort to discover a trustworthy Brazilian hair wholesale willing to pay a lot of money to have the stunning hair. But a lot of people are joining the trend without having a solid understanding of Brazilian hair extensions in particular or human hair in general. The editorial will give hairdressers a comprehensive overview of BRAZILIAN HAIR as well as some details you might have missed.

1. An extensive analysis of Brazilian hair

As you are aware, Brazilian hair is considered to be the highest quality available. To help everyone understand why Brazilian hair is highly valued, I will describe the origin, quality, and cost of Brazilian hair below.

1.1. The source of Brazilian hair

The southern regions of Brazil produce Brazilian hair of the highest grade. The climatic regions of this nation provide evidence. Except for the cold weather patterns in Sao Paulo, Curitiba, and other places, Brazil’s average annual temperature ranges from 25 to 28 degrees Celsius with a lot of precipitation. Since the sun does not immediately affect the hair as it does in other hot Savana terrain, the hair will be in the best condition in these towns.

1.2. The standard of Brazilian hair

Customers want Brazilian hair suppliers to provide them with the best possible hair, which is in outstanding condition and has a shiny, bouncy texture. Brazilian hair is also renowned for its usefulness and versatility. If you buy hair from a reputable Brazilian hair vendor, it will blend in perfectly with your natural hair and last up to three to five years, depending on usage. It is hence the preferred choice of hair wholesalers.

1.3. Brazilian hair cost

Low-end Brazilian hair bundles typically cost between $25 and $45 each, with the most expensive bundles of Brazilian hair costing up to $200 per bundle, depending on the vendor. Because of its strength, suppleness, and elasticity, Brazilian hair is the most popular virgin hair.

The best Brazilian hair bundles are frequently inexpensive because of the texture and strength of higher-grade hair. Each bundle of hair costs between $45 and $75 at these businesses. If taken care of properly, these extensions are of excellent quality, are inexpensive, and might last up to a year. Some companies even provide money-back guarantees or similar policies.

In the $150–$250 price range, there are numerous virgin hair suppliers offering three hair bundle deals of great quality. the greatest financial benefit. These machine-weft bundles include only 100 percent virgin hair that has not undergone any chemical processing, including coloring, perming, bleaching, or other chemical treatments. 

These virgin hair companies usually have outstanding quality assurance and branding programs, huge social media followings, and superb customer service.

100 percent virgin, unprocessed hair is typically offered in the most expensive bundle options. Some of these suppliers are well-known, have sizable social media followings, a number of retail locations, and even celebrity endorsements, so it stands to reason that customers will pay more for their goods.

Additionally, expensive hair packets are often offered by Asian or Indian Temple Hair vendors who buy and resell rare, high-quality hair directly from the producers. The process of collecting hair is rigorous and selective, and many companies may use creative marketing techniques to increase brand equity. Although some businesses offer exceptional quality, keep in mind that the cost of purchase will also be greater. Each package will cost you more than $100.

1.4. Care instructions for Brazilian hair

These strands require particular maintenance and attention in order to maintain their natural radiance and shine. As a result, when we deprive a hair strand of its supply of sustenance, the strand may eventually lose its luster and begin to dry up.

  • We should moisturize our hair frequently to prevent drying it out. It is possible to use oil, but not excessively.
  • The natural texture and moisture of the hair may be preserved with the use of gentle shampoo and conditioner.
  • Your hair shouldn’t be blow-dried. You should let your hair air dry naturally because it is heat-sensitive.
  • Put on a satin or silk cap before retiring for the night.
  • Keep your hair above your head to maintain the style.
  • Be careful when brushing your hair.

2. Surprising facts about Brazilian hair in particular

Here are some startling details regarding Brazilian hair:

2.1. The best hair is Brazilian, so why?

Brazilian hair is some of the highest-quality hair available. The list of reasons includes the ones below:

COLD WEATHER: Because of the excellent environment in the southern areas, Brazilian hair providers have very high-quality sources of hair. The cuticle of the local hair is unaffected, and the sunbeam has no physical impact on it.

HUMAN RACE: The Brazilian human population is used to a nomadic lifestyle, which provides them with the best physical and mental health. Because they lead a healthy lifestyle, their hair is stronger and lasts longer than hair from other suppliers.

HAIRCARE: The Brazilian haircare industry has consistently grown over the past ten years.

2.2. Actual market availability of Brazilian hair

Do you believe that a Brazilian hair seller will only sell you hair of the highest quality if you have a huge budget? Actually, no!

Wake up, Black America! The Truth About the Human Hair Industry!

To make up for the shortage of stock, the majority of them are imported from hair manufacturers in other countries that create high-quality goods like Vietnamese hair, Burmese hair, Cambodian hair, etc., which presents the shocking reality that 80% OF BRAZILIAN HAIR SOLD ON THE MARKET IS NOT REAL.

2.3. Brazilian hair supplier’s origin

Nowadays, it is not difficult to find a Brazilian hair supplier on the market, but the quality is not assured. China, the largest manufacturer in the world, is currently the leading supplier. However, it is still a mystery how they manage to keep such a sizable and consistent supply of hair when the country already has a shortage. Hair merchants should use caution when deciding to purchase from these companies in order to avoid being conned or taken advantage of.

3. Vietnam’s top 1 factories for Brazilian hair extensions

I will provide you with a list of 3 reliable factories that sell Brazilian hair extensions in Vietnam for your reference based on an assessment of the product quality, cost, and dependability:


A well-known Vietnamese hair factory called PHUONGNAM HAIR exports a wide variety of products from Vietnamese hair factories to customers throughout the globe. They have become the largest hair supplier in Vietnam. Notes regarding PHUONGNAM HAIR are provided below.

  • Website:
  • Fanpage Facebook: Phuongnam Hair
  • Instagram: phuongnamhair_03
  • WhatsApp: (+84) 33 346 55 38
  • Location: Building A1, Vinhomes Gardenia, Ham Nghi Ward, Cau Dien, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi, Vietnam

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