Even today, long hair is still seen as the height of feminine beauty. The physical attractiveness of women is frequently more significant to them, and the haircut is a crucial component of look in general. As a result, hair extensions are quickly becoming an essential part of a woman’s cosmetic wardrobe. With hair extensions, you might be able to get the long, gorgeous hair of your dreams. You might possibly get the thicker hair you desire! If you’ve never purchased hair extensions, the page below will give you the best beginner’s instructions for virgin hair extensions.

1. Virgin hair extensions: what are they?

The specifics of virgin hair extensions are explained in the material that follows.

1.1. Virgin hair

Virgin hair is undyed hair that comes from the same source. The majority of industry experts believe virgin hair to be of the highest caliber. Virgin hair is hair that originates from a single donor and has never been colored, bleached, or altered in any other way. Now I’m done. If any one of these requirements is not met, the hair cannot be referred to as virgin.

Additionally, virgin hair that is entirely natural has never been processed or altered mechanically. Given that it comes from a single donor, the cuticle should still be present and pointing in the same direction. Each of these prerequisites must be met for you to be recognized as a legal manufacturer of 100 percent virgin hair.

1.2. Extensions of virgin hair

Virgin hair extensions, which haven’t undergone any chemical processing, are made from human hair from a single donor. These high-end extensions have never gone through a thorough washing, bleaching, or coloring process. As a result, virgin hair extensions are some of the best ones now on the market. Even though we commonly highlight cheap hair extensions on our sales page, virgin hair is typically more expensive than the vast majority of other hair extensions that are readily available.

Pure extensions preserve their natural color and shine longer than any other hair extensions on the market since they have never undergone the common chemical treatments given to the hair.

2. What makes virgin hair extensions a good investment?

Here are several justifications for purchasing virgin hair extensions.

2.1. Help you lengthen your hair

You may easily and quickly get the long hair you’ve always wanted with the aid of hair extensions. That looks too simple to you, right? But it is true. If you want your hair to grow long quickly, hair extensions are the ideal alternative for you.

You might want to experiment with numerous hairstyles and hair lengths in a short amount of time. To complement your overall appearance and the occasion, choose a stunning haircut, long, curly hair, or medium-length body waves with hair extensions.

2.2. You can quickly alter your hair color to something you prefer

Do you want to experiment with different hair colors but don’t want to risk damaging your hair? Maybe you’re not sure if your new hair color looks good on you. Therefore, using virgin hair extensions will be safest to experiment with different colors. If you don’t like how your hair appears, you can try a new color. Thanks to PHUONGNAM HAIR hair extensions, the process was surprisingly simple. You might achieve your ideal hair color and superb brightness after multiple tries.

PHUONG NAM HAIR extensions also offer a range of hair hues, including blonde, natural black, gray, and deep brown waves. There are affordable wholesale hair extensions available so you can choose your hair more quickly.

2.3. Make the appearance of fuller hair

You experience hair loss and thinning hair. Since I am aware of how greatly confidence is affected by losing hair, hair extensions are available to help those who need them. Using hair extensions is a fantastic method of hair regeneration.

To give your hair the fuller volume you’ve always wanted, just a few hairs are needed. By using hair clips, sew-in extensions, or tape-in extensions, you may easily add volume to your hair.

2.4. Simple to alter hairdo

With hair extensions, you can quickly modify your original hairstyle into something more alluring and unique. If you add length and volume to your hair and use the same color as your own hair, or even a different color, it will be quite easy to give you simple, knotted braids. ponytail, full bun, and further variations. Numerous options are available. Only a few strands are enough to create the hairstyle you’ve always desired. You don’t need to use all of your hair.

3. How should virgin hair extensions be styled with natural hair?

How to wear virgin hair extensions with your hair is explained in detail here.

3.1. Begin with tidy hair

Wash and condition your hair right before you wish to join it. Oily hair won’t hold the extensions in place as well. Depending on how naturally dry your hair is, this might not be a concern for you.

3.2. Tie your hair up in a tight bun at the top.

Pull the top of your hair halfway up. You can use clips instead of a hair tie if your hair is too short to hold it in place with one. You will clip the extension in at the part where your top and bottom hair part ways.

3.3. Wherever you want to use the extension method, slide the hair.

Make use of a brush or comb to do this. Use a brush or comb to gently tangle the hair piece you intend to attach to the extension. This will serve as a stand and make firmly clipping extensions easier.

As long as your natural hair covers them, you can add extensions to any part of your head.

If only one weft is being used, the extension is typically fastened to the back of the head; however, if several wefts are being used, the extension may also be fastened to the sides of the head.

Use hairspray to give the “shelf” extra hold.

3.4. Clamp the appendages in place

Release the clips while holding your extension in place. On the rack you created, keep the clamps in place. Make sure you’re happy with where the clips were placed before closing them. Make sure your natural hair and the additions exactly match in the mirror after the extensions have been brushed inward.

You can undo and redo the extensions as often as necessary until you are happy with the location.

3.5. For a longer-lasting expansion, visit a salon.

If you want professional extensions that last longer, go to your local hair salon and talk to a stylist about your options. You can buy bonded, micro-linked, merged, or stitched extensions.

In-band extensions that are attached to your stump take between 40 and an hour to complete. They endure for four to eight weeks.

To put seam extensions, your stylist will braid your hair into a bun and sew the extensions onto it. Thicker hair responds well to this process, which lasts six to eight weeks.

Combination and micro-bonding treatments are suggested for completely healthy hair because they inflict the least amount of harm. These treatments take about three hours to complete, and the extensions can last up to four months.

4. Top 1 suppliers of wholesale virgin hair extensions

We will suggest to you the Top 3 Best Wholesale Virgin Hair Extension Vendors based on the criterion of good product quality but very affordable costs.


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