Nigeria is one of the most active markets for hair extensions in the world since the number of consumers there is enormous and the demand is enormous, especially when compared to other areas like Europe or South America. In this article, we’d like to give readers a thorough breakdown of the top human hair brands available in Nigeria, along with information on how to get them straight from the most reliable supplier.

1. Best human hair brands in Nigeria: An overview

In the first section, we’d like to give readers an overview of the greatest human hair brands in Nigeria so that those who might be interested in this hair market can better understand them and decide whether or not to purchase products made of hair extensions from those firms.

1.1. The meaning of human hair

Human hair: What is it? Human hair is literally just that—human hair, as the name suggests. Synthetic hair, which is hair created from man-made fibers like polymers or other artificial materials, competes with human hair from the greatest human hair brands in Nigeria. These threads would survive a complex process that would be used to create synthetic hair from them.

We would want to share more details regarding human hair in terms of type and sources in order to further define the meaning of human hair from leading human hair brands in Nigeria.

1.1.1. Human hair comes in several varieties.

Virgin, Remy, and non-Remy hair are the three primary categories of human hair. The primary traits of each type of human hair from the top Nigerian human hair brands are listed below.

  • As the name suggests, virgin hair is a term used to describe hair strands that have never been chemically or color-treated in any way. There are no perms, bleaches, color treatments, dyes, etc. in virgin hair from the top human hair brands in Nigeria. As a result, this is the most expensive and in-demand variety of human hair. However, compared to other sorts, its quality is also better.
  • Remy’s hair is a type of human hair that has undergone chemical processing or that has been acquired from numerous hair donors so that the cuticles are not aligned with one another. Therefore, Remy hair from the top human hair brands in Nigeria is far more affordable than virgin hair of comparable grade. However, because the texture and cuticles of Remy’s hair are not as fantastic as those of virgin hair, it cannot please clients looking for products that can be bleached quickly and give desirable results.
  • Non-Remy hair is the least expensive variety of human hair. The majority of non-Remy hair is shed hair that has been gathered in homes, waste dumps, etc. Later, it would undergo purification and processing to create hair extensions. In some nations, such as China, non-Remy hair can be transformed into Remy’s hair with the help of cutting-edge gear. Non-Remy hair’s cuticles and texture are severely damaged, making it impossible to compare the appearance and tenacity of non-Remy hair to those of virgin or Remy hair.

1.1.2. Considering the origins of human hair

The majority of human hair extension items are currently developed and manufactured in Vietnam, China, and India. The primary traits of human hair from these three nations are listed below.

  • Vietnamese hair suppliers are renowned for solely offering virgin and Remy hair products—the two highest grade categories of human hair—to the greatest human hair businesses in Nigeria. Due to its advantageous qualities, Vietnamese virgin hair is particularly well-known for its silky, smooth texture and ability to satisfy even the most demanding consumers. Vietnamese virgin hair is always able to offer the best performance when compared to its counterparts from other nations, so consumers don’t have to worry about the results while adjusting it to different styles and tints.
  • Chinese hair suppliers are renowned for utilizing cutting-edge technologies to enhance the appearance of hair items. Chinese hair is typically thin and weak, yet with the aid of equipment, items made from Chinese hair are well-liked for their great quality and affordable pricing. Because of this, consumers must always remember that “the quality is always worth the price” and must think carefully before choosing to buy from Chinese hair vendors.
  • Indian human hair: The majority of Indian human hair is derived from followers of Hinduism. These practitioners have a custom of shaving their heads before making requests to their deities in order to show respect and honesty to their Gods. These strands of hair would be gathered and bunched. However, this hair lacks aligned cuticles, and the wavy and thin natural qualities of Indian hair are also unfavorable.

1.2. Best human hair brands in Nigeria defined

Before getting to the definition of the finest human hair brands in Nigeria, clients should be aware of one key aspect of these companies: they are all resellers of human hair, not hair factories with their own facilities and equipment to produce hair extension items. Therefore, the greatest human hair brands in Nigeria are those that import top-tier products, offer them at competitive prices, and provide thoughtful customer support.

An overview of the top Nigerian human hair brands may be found above. Please read the next section for more information on the qualities of the greatest human hair brands in Nigeria.

2. Characteristics of Nigeria’s top human hair brands

2.1. Principal traits of Nigeria’s top human hair brands

We would like to include the most important traits of the top human hair brands in Nigeria in this section so that buyers looking for their products can use them as a guide.

2.1.1. Nigeria’s top human hair brands’ quality

Since all human hair companies in Nigeria solely serve as resellers, they must import hair extensions from other nations to meet local demand. According to our research, the leading human hair brands in Nigeria import most of the hair extension goods they sell from Vietnam, China, and India. As a result, the caliber of goods imported from other nations determines Nigeria’s quality of human hair brands.

Vietnamese human hair is of unmatched quality, as we have shown in the first section. As a result, Nigerian human hair brands that wish to stand out from the competition in the market must acquire Vietnamese human hair. Customers of the greatest human hair brands in Nigeria should examine before selecting to buy because Chinese and Indian hair, although more reasonably priced, do not acquire top quality. Overall, Nigeria’s greatest human hair brands can be regarded as having good quality, especially when they decide to invest in their companies by acquiring Vietnamese human hair.

2.1.2. Nigerian cost of the top human hair brands

Nigerian companies who sell human hair must cover the costs of the products as well as any additional expenses incurred during importation, such as those associated with shipping and insurance. However, the expenses of the products used to make hair extensions account for the majority of the price differences between any human hair brand in Nigeria. As we’ve already discussed, human hair costs more the greater the grade it attains.

Here are some sample pricing lists from Chinese and Indian hair vendors in the market. Never let a low price confuse customers looking for high-end hair extension goods!

 This is a typical price list for Indian hair vendors, therefore it doesn’t really reflect the going rates for the entire Indian hair market. This price list is divided into length and grade categories. Indian hair is still far less expensive than Chinese hair, even at its highest length and grade (30 inches & Super double).

Chinese hair suppliers charge slightly more for their products than do Indian hair suppliers, but this is typically not due to better quality but rather to higher input costs because Chinese hair suppliers must import raw materials for their products and they also need sophisticated machinery to raise the quality.

2.2. Benefits and drawbacks of purchasing from Nigeria’s top human hair brands

Customers should consider the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing from the top human hair brands in Nigeria before deciding.

2.2.1 Benefits of purchasing from Nigeria’s top human hair brands

The fact that Nigerian customers do not have to travel great distances to purchase human hair items from other nations is the most notable benefit of purchasing from the best human hair brands in Nigeria. Customers will also have the opportunity to interact with the products directly by trying them on, ensuring that the items they buy will completely satisfy them.

Customers may easily bargain with the resellers on price and services when buying directly from the best human hair brands in Nigeria, which is another benefit. Customers who must import goods from other nations are also not required to pay additional money for shipping fees or other expenses.

2.2.2. Drawbacks of purchasing from Nigeria’s top human hair brands

The biggest drawback of purchasing from the best human hair brands in Nigeria is that they are merely resellers, meaning that the price they can charge clients is unquestionably greater than when they can get wholesale straight from the factory. Customers may also have to wait for their preferred products to be imported, which is another drawback to take into account. Resellers may not always have all products in stock.

The greatest human hair businesses in Nigeria may not be the best choice for picky consumers because they may have specific requirements for products like ombre or highlight hair extensions in bespoke hues, etc. Because human hair brands don’t own factories, they are unable to meet these requests right away and must rely on overseas factories to complete these jobs.

3. Nigeria’s top 3 human hair companies

To save consumers time and effort when shopping, we’ve included the top 5 human hair brands in Nigeria in this section.

3.1. The best human hair brand in Nigeria is Kurly Klips.

Customers from Nigeria particularly like this reseller’s kinky afro hairstyles. They are renowned for only offering their consumers the best stuff. This human hair brand is perfect for clients who want to change their hairstyles with a high-quality hair extension!

Additionally, they offer the best customer service in the industry, so clients, particularly new ones, may feel secure and confident working with them.

3.2. Top 2 greatest human hair brands in Nigeria: Beeos Beeos

Creating inexpensive hair wigs and hair extensions is the company’s main focus. Their products come in a wide variety of colors and designs to suit various customer needs and events. The 10-inch straight weave is one of their most popular products, but they also provide a variety of alternative choices for consumers.

They are a great choice for clients looking for a more economical product or those who frequently change their haircuts because their hair wigs are less expensive than those from other vendors.

3.3. Top 3 greatest human hair brands in Nigeria: King Me Hair

Nigerian human hair company King Me Hair is known for its braiding hairstyles. Their products are especially well-known for styles like crochet braids, etc., which guarantee the braids appear perfectly stunning without endangering your natural hair.

Customers who enjoy braided hairstyles shouldn’t overlook this human hair company in Nigeria because braids can harm genuine hair significantly, including shedding and tangling. Customers will never be disappointed with King Me Hair’s items, nonetheless, due to their high quality!

4. How to import hair from PHUONGNAM HAIR, the top Vietnamese wholesaler of human hair

Vietnam has one of the world’s largest wholesale hair marketplaces. Due to PHUONGNAM HAIR Factories’ stellar reputation throughout the world, the company continually establishes the ideal conditions for customers to import hair conveniently, save money, and offer high-quality hair, enabling them to make money and uphold their reputation.

3.1. Connecting with the employees of PHUONGNAM HAIR manufacturing

Because PHUONGNAM HAIR provides honest information on social media, it is simple to get in touch with actual factory employees:

3.2. Putting in an order with PHUONGNAM HAIR manufacture

  • List all the qualities of the hair extensions you need to purchase by doing as instructed: Grade, Hair Color, Hair Type, Length, Quantity, Size of the front closure Hair length, length, color, texture, and quantity.
  • The sales team at PHUONGNAM HAIR will create an invoice and make any necessary adjustments.

If you didn’t make a list in advance or haven’t made up your mind yet, you can ask the sales team at PHUONGNAM Hair for recommendations on all the fashionable, trendy hairstyles that fit within your price range. Additionally, you can use video calls to inspect the hair extensions’ quality.

3.3. Making a deposit

PHUONGNAM HAIR might ask for a deposit of at least 50% of the total cost (with the remaining balance owing after the hair is finished) or full payment if you’re happy with the invoice and want to start production. You have the option of paying in USD directly or through middlemen.

  • Paying through an intermediary (agent): PHUONGNAM HAIR Factory has a local bank account in Nigeria that enables customers from that country to make payments in local currency. Along with working with well-known agents like Gabriel, Temi, Onkeya, Sunday, Chinedu, Gideon, and others, they might also desire to do so.
  • Direct payment in USD:

Onepay: If you have a Visa or Mastercard, you can utilize Onepay. because it is a quick and simple method of payment. The sales staff will send you the link to make payment.

This method is popular and useful: bank transfer. Payments can be made in person at the bank or over the phone. The transfer takes about 2-4 days, and it costs a reasonable amount of money.

Western Union: Payments can be made at a WU office or through the Western Union app. Don’t forget to choose “money in minutes” as your service type and “cash pickup” as your payment method.

Other approaches: Additionally, you can use RIA, Remitly, and Paypal.

Payments can be made in person at the bank or over the phone.

3.4. Begin hair growth

PHUONGNAM HAIR factory will begin making the hair based on your specifications after receiving payment.

3.5. Shipping 

You can choose to have UPS, DHL, or FedEx carry the hair instead of intermediate companies.

Utilizing middlemen for shipping:

  • Gabriel agent (Lagos, Nigeria): The most affordable and reliable agency is Gabriel Cargo. If you decide to choose Gabriel as your representative, we can deliver the hair on Wednesday or Saturday. It costs $15.5 per kilogram for delivery. Furthermore, it takes about 5-7 days to deliver the hair. When the hair is delivered from PHUONGNAM Hair, Gabriel’s agent will notify you via WhatsApp and provide an estimated delivery time.
  • If you operate your own shipping company in Vietnam, then you only need to submit the address. After that, they will help you arrange for the hair to be transported at a fair fee.
  •   Another option is to choose a Chinese agent who would provide the hair every day. Hair ships for $11/kg and takes 3–5 days to arrive in China. But with the Covid-19 outbreak and the order to close the border, it might take 12 to 20 days.


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