Since Russian women were renowned for having wonderfully lustrous blonde hair, many women had a goal of getting Russian hair extensions. Russian hair extension suppliers pounced on the chance to enter the market at exorbitant prices. If you want to start a hair business, read this post to find out how to manage your company more effectively and about the difficulties you’ll encounter when buying hair from Russian hair suppliers. If the knowledge you already have about Russian hair extension suppliers is adequate, then let’s provide further explanation.

1. A list of Russian suppliers of hair extensions

In this section, we will provide the most in-depth study of Russian hair extension vendors based on information obtained from credible sources and the results of field research.

1.1. Where do sellers of Russian hair extensions acquire their hair?

Russian hair is superior to other online-available hair, therefore users need to learn a lot about it. Russian natural hair looks to be pricey and difficult to come by. “European Hair” and “Indian Hair” are the ones that are the most widely available. In order to make the hair look shiny and healthy, silicone is generously applied to the hair, which has experienced extreme processing due to coloring. Your hair will be tangled and nearly impossible to comb through once the silicone has been removed from it. This hair often contains 80% synthetic fibers or animal fur.

  • This is because the natural hair strands are commonly removed from the hair before it is exposed to acid, therefore it can no longer be considered Remy’s hair. The hair won’t last you more than six months because of how challenging it can be to maintain. Remy’s hair has properly positioned cuticles.
  • Russian hair from vendors of Russian hair extensions doesn’t include silicone, thus it can last years rather than just a few months. When you give it the proper care, it may last a lifetime. Russian communities are where the hair for Russian hair extension vendors is sourced. Given that they do not dye or perm their hair as frequently, the women may grow hair that is more than a meter in length, healthy, shiny, and beautiful.
  • Slavic hair is a well-known European hairdo, and Russian hair extension manufacturers are renowned for their Slavic hair brand. Slavic hair is frequently mentioned by both hairdressers and hair extensions. That hair is without a doubt the most beautiful and unique. Hair is fairly silky because it is typically cut from donors who are young children. Since this hair has not been processed in any way, it is quite easy to determine its quality merely by feeling it.
  • The most common virgin colors are deep or medium brown tones. Super pale blonde hair does occasionally exist, albeit it’s very uncommon. We could even develop dark blonde colorings.
  • Russian hair extension suppliers used to buy Slavic hair mostly from Eastern European women when these countries were still growing because of the influence of the old Soviet Union’s regime.
  • However, these countries are now wealthy as a result of tourism development and economic progress, which has caused a sharp decline in the production of virgin Slavic hair.
  • As a result, Russian hair extension manufacturers now offer bleached hair imported from other nations, notably China and Vietnam, in addition to Slavic hair.

1.2. Which hair type, Russian or Salvic, has higher quality?

When comparing them, Slavic and Russian hair is generally thought to be of the same type. When it comes to this subject—hair extensions—these types, however, produce two distinct variants. Let’s start by talking about Slavic hair.

  • “Slavic hair” most often refers to “virgin Slavic hair.” It is untreated, natural hair that was collected from young girls and children in Russia and Ukraine.
  • Virgin Slavic hair, which has never experienced chemical processing, coloring, curling, or any other processing that could harm virgin hair, is the highest quality hair we can have.
  • Because Slavic hair has been carefully washed and sanitized, which does not detract from its quality, users can be confident that the hair extensions will preserve their natural texture and color.
  • All the cuticles are organized in a straight line, almost in the direction they grew. This complex method makes the strands smoother, silkier, and much less prone to tangling.
  • Because each donor is only used once, every bundle of Slavic hair was cut just for you and has its own colors, amount, texture, and weight.

Here are some examples of Russian hair. Similar to its Slavic predecessors, Russian hair is typically sourced from donors on the borders of the Russian Federation as well as in a few other former United Soviet Socialist Republics countries, such as Uzbekistan, Belorussia, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan.

  • The first notable difference is that Russian hair frequently undergoes preparation and coloring in contrast to virgin Slavic hair.
  • Although virgin Slavic hair frequently has light, unbleached, soft strands, Russian hair from Russian hair extension suppliers typically has smooth density and a wider range of hues, allowing you to choose just what you need. The structure, thickness, and color of the hair also make a significant difference.
  • Professionals that work with hair extensions have treasured Russian hair because of its high quality, reasonable cost, and lengthy lifespan. Additionally, this product might cost two to three times less than Slavic hair.

We hope that clients may identify the best Russian hair extension suppliers or Slavic hair suppliers based on these characteristics of the two types of hair.

1.3. Russian hair extension manufacturers’ traits

Due to the strict market standards, the hair from wholesale Russian hair extension suppliers nonetheless possesses the following characteristics despite its different origin.

Russian hair extension vendors provide expensive hair for sale: One feature of Russian hair extension suppliers that sticks out is the price. The price is relatively high for the reasons listed below:

  • First off, it should be noted that due to its rarity and low manufacturing, authentic Slavic hair is more expensive from Russian hair extension vendors.
  • Bleached blonde hair is more expensive because wholesale Russian hair extension sellers must cover additional taxes, customs fees, shipping costs, and storage costs.
  • Additionally, they could afford this amount in Europe due to the high standard of living. Companies that sell Russian hair extensions must also pay much higher overhead costs due to the fact that manufacturing and labor are just so much more expensive in Europe than they are in other regions.

Since resellers purchase hair extensions from Russian hair extension manufacturers, the high price is actually a deterrent, especially since there are so many competitors with lower prices and similarly competitive offerings, such as Vietnam.

2. Benefits and drawbacks of Russian hair extension manufacturers

If you’re thinking about buying hair extensions, you could be weighing the benefits and drawbacks of each supplier. If you have never used hair extensions, it may be difficult to choose which Russian hair extension suppliers are suitable for you. Dealing with Russian hair extension vendors has advantages and disadvantages that you should be aware of.

2.1. Russian hair extension suppliers have advantages

Russian hair extension suppliers are desirable for a number of reasons:

  • Wholesale, premium hair extensions: As previously stated, severe legal and client standards must be met by Russian hair extension suppliers.
  • Russian hair extensions suppliers, one of the top wholesale hair suppliers in the sector, are a terrific place to start if you’ve been trying to conduct business in Europe. You shouldn’t be alarmed because, despite not being a member of the European Union, Russia has a voice that is heard on a global scale because of its own economic situation.
  • Fraud is rare in Russia and Western nations because of the stringent regulatory structures already in place. You can therefore buy Russian hair extensions with confidence.

2.2. Russian hair extension vendors’ negative aspects

There are many benefits to purchasing extensions from Russian hair extension vendors, but there are also many drawbacks:

  • Russian hair extension suppliers, as was already said, demand exorbitant prices. Russian hair extensions are expensive, costing anything from $200 to over $1000 per item, as opposed to Indian or Vietnamese suppliers who charge as little as $10.
  • There is a slim offering of goods. Meeting the needs of a diverse range of users is difficult due to the limited product variety. Tip-in and tape-in hair extensions are distinctive services offered to customers by Russian hair extension suppliers.
  • Due to the high cost of the hair, Russian hair extension manufacturers only make a minimal volume in order to maintain current sales levels. Your waiting period is extended since the hair needs to be reprocessed following importation.

Simply put, there are advantages and disadvantages to purchasing goods from Russian hair extension suppliers. We have included all the advantages and disadvantages of Russian hair extension suppliers above to help you make the best choice possible. We hope that after reading it, you will be able to decide.

3. How to spot con artists when looking for Russian hair extension manufacturers

Given how much Russian hair extensions cost, many people fake them to increase their income. You can use these suggestions to help prevent becoming a victim of shady Russian hair extension sellers. Consequently, the following guidance on how to avoid being a victim of a scam when seeking the top Russian hair extensions suppliers is provided:

  • Ask the Russian hair extension providers as many illuminating questions as you can, such as: Ask them more questions to find out if they are as knowledgeable about hair extensions as such a reliable provider should be.
  • If you are still unable to physically visit the location to assess the quality of Russian hair extension suppliers, demanding a video chat or direct communication, or asking for a call using Skype, Viber, or WhatsApp is a fantastic idea.
  • Before making any significant purchases, you should first request samples from Russian hair extension vendors. If and when the quality satisfies your requirements, send your second request. Selecting reputable Russian hair extension providers carefully might help your business as a whole.

Before making a purchase selection, you should carefully study or analyze feedback from Russian hair extension suppliers to make sure you get the best benefit. Selecting reliable Russian hair extension vendors with caution will have a significant impact on the sector as a whole.

4. Top 4 providers of Russian hair extensions

We’ve selected a few reliable Russian hair extension suppliers for all of you to take into consideration if you’re serious about increasing sales and growing your customer. We also advise looking into additional ones. Four of the best suppliers of Russian hair extensions have been chosen by us for our clients. These are the names of Russian hair extension companies with a solid clientele and many years of experience.

4.1. I love Slavic hair – Leading providers of Russian hair extensions

Although it was only established in 2015, this business has long been a major supplier of Russian hair extensions despite its infancy and recent rise to recognition.

  • They originate from Ukraine, which has the most luscious hair among Slavic nations. They specialized in collecting and supplying Slavic and Russian wigs to hairdressers and cosmeticians from local donors.
  • They offer a variety of colored Slavic hair, Russian hair, and hair from other European countries.
  • They charge rather expensive prices, much like the rest of Russian hair extension companies, but the quality is actually quite good.

If you value variety and don’t give a lot of thought to the cost of the hair extensions firm, this is one of the top Russian hair extension providers.

4.2.  Organic Russian Hair – Top 2 top vendors of Russian hair extensions

Organic Russian Hair was founded in 2007 and has since developed into a leading supplier of Russian hair extensions for both professionals and consumers. These Russian hair extension companies offer trade workers training school courses in addition to fitting and tipping services.

  • They have been providing Russian hair to hairdressers and specialists in hair extensions all around the UK—and even abroad—since more than ten years ago. They express great happiness with our first-rate customer support.
  • Their hair is collected from young women who want to sell it all throughout the former Soviet Union. They provide a range of organic hues in addition to a custom blend option. Our hair extensions are purchased by numerous well-known hair salons and hair extension specialists.
  • All of them have beautiful hair. Since the hair has only had a relatively small number of coloring procedures, it keeps its excellent quality and longer lifespan. Please be aware of this if there have occasionally been extremely few shade variations. Each head of hair is twice visually checked and given the closest color designation.
  • Additionally, they have a sister company called English Rose, a supplier and training center situated in Marbella, Spain. To find out more about these Russian hair extension suppliers, visit their website’s “about” page.

4.3.  Hair2Love – top three vendors of Russian hair extensions

They specialize in Slavic and Russian hair extensions and make exceptionally long-lasting as well as fine hair, with an emphasis on structural aspects.

All hair extensions have a barrier around the keratin protein. Hair2Love always applies delicate coloring methods. Washing, dying, or drying won’t degrade their high-end goods. Each range has unique properties and, with good management, can last 12 to 24 months.

Since they are not a big-box retailer, they describe themselves as a specialized distributor of hair extensions. Instead, they appear to want to focus on their clients and give a seamless purchasing process through a tailored and personalized service.

In addition to emphasizing the direct import of hair from both Russia and Ukraine, Hair2Love has made a name for itself in the specialist texture industry. Most clients can communicate with them directly to discuss the best hair shape and weight for their client, resulting in a flawless result when fitted. All too often, these facts are ignored or understood incorrectly.

Hair2Love’s customers are discerning hair extension professionals who are willing to pay more for uncompromised quality. All of the hair they provide is of an amazing level.



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