The simplest and most feminine hairstyle for women is bone straight. Vietnam has become a top choice for consumers looking for high-quality hair now more than ever. Don’t miss this in-depth talk on bone-straight Vietnamese hair.

1. Vietnamese hair that is bone straight is in high demand

Did you know that the demand for hair extensions is soaring all around the world, especially for those that can be used to straighten bones? Why is Vietnamese bone straight hair the most sought-after product?

  • The expansion of social media and the ensuing increase in public self-awareness have both contributed to the popularity of beauty and grooming trends, which in turn have contributed to the growth of the hair business. The increased public’s acquaintance with celebrity fashion can be partly blamed for the increase in demand for human hair. The sale of human hair has increased 70% over the last five years, according to a study of retail statistics.
  • In addition, straight hair is a classic haircut because of its flexibility, adaptability, and the innate freshness it adds to any appearance. It is reasonable to suppose that there has always been a sizable and quickly growing demand in Africa across both demographics for straight hair with bones. The biggest importers of bone-straight hair are nations like Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Angola, and others.
  • As more individuals get involved in the bone-straight hair extension industry, this has caused a major increase in the need for wholesale hair extensions in recent years. The majority of African hair wholesalers must import it from abroad since only a small number of countries can genuinely grow hair, and Vietnamese bone straight hair is by far the most popular variation.

Why is Vietnamese hair so favored for being bone straight? The most thorough information on the features of Vietnamese hair will be given to you in this article, along with an explanation of why Vietnamese bone straight hair is better than other hair extension items on the market.

2. Everything you should know about Vietnamese hair that is bone straight

The world’s hair market is booming. Those who work in the profitable hair industry have access to a broad range of possibilities. Right here, you may learn everything there is to know about Vietnamese bone straight hair.

2.1. What is bone straight hair in Vietnam?

In the cosmetics industry, “bone straight” is a regularly used phrase. Those of you just starting in the industry should check out this trending item. It will be even straighter than naturally straight hair since bone-straight hair will have been heated and steam straightened.

One of the most popular haircuts among Vietnamese people is Vietnamese bone straight hair, which is manufactured from 100% Vietnamese hair that has been treated to make it incredibly silky. Women in Nigeria and the rest of Africa love haircuts that look just like their own.

2.2. Why Vietnamese hair is so popular in the market?

Vietnamese bone straight hair stands out for two reasons: its high quality and its low price. These are not traits shared by many of Vietnamese bone straight hair’s competitors, giving the company a leg over in the modern market.

2.2.1.Vietnamese hair that is bone straight is really good

Vietnamese bone straight hair converges all the criteria with the quality factor to produce a high quality product that will please all clients, whether they are wholesalers, retailers, or end users.

2.2.2. Vietnamese hair that is bone straight has an open source of origin

Vietnamese hair has traditionally been renowned for its superior quality and bone straightness. Therefore, why do Vietnamese people have such flawlessly straight hair and lack any distinctive facial or physical features? Why do Vietnamese females have such beautiful, straight hair? The answer is below.

  • Vietnamese bone straight hair is made from 100 percent human hair that was ethically acquired from Vietnam. They are largely the product of rural Vietnamese women. In certain circumstances, women donate their hair to worthy causes.
  • Many of these women live in hilly areas like Ha Giang, Cao Bang, Lang Son, and many more. It is usual for Vietnamese women to grow their hair for economic reasons. Because they must support their families while they wait for economic growth, a large portion of the population in these provinces lives in abject poverty. The ages of the women in this sample range from 16 to 50, and they all regularly take care of their hair naturally without the use of chemicals.
  • Unlike their counterparts in nations like China or India, Vietnamese hair manufacturers purchase hair straight from home women directly, allowing them to trace the hair’s path from donor to customer. Regulating the hair’s quality, however, will be difficult because Chinese hair firms import it.

Vietnamese bone straight hair is obtained from a small pool of donors, allowing Vietnamese hair producers to guarantee a consistently high level of quality. This is also the origin of Vietnamese hair that is bone straight.

2.2.3. The texture of Vietnamese bone straight hair is excellent

In essence, Vietnamese hair has a flexible external structure and a fluid inner core. Vietnamese bone straight hair generated from this mix has a high gloss due to its softness and lightness, making it easy to wear as well.

According to a prevalent belief, Vietnamese people have naturally straight, bone-white hair. Some locals in Vietnam’s mountainous areas assert that because their hair originated from their ethnic minority ancestors, it is resistant to the sun’s harmful effects. Vietnamese bone straight hair is extraordinarily luscious and silky because of this. Remember that each bundle of raw Vietnamese hair will be properly treated by qualified personnel after harvesting, ensuring the purity of each strand.

Vietnamese people have stunning hair by nature. Given how smooth, full, and thick Vietnamese women’s natural hair is, Vietnamese bone straight hair is of the same excellent caliber. Vietnamese wholesale hair sellers stand out among hair vendors for their breadth of knowledge. As a result, they have discovered a way to make Vietnamese hair bone straight without damaging it.

Vietnamese hair extensions that are bone straight are of such high quality that they may be styled in several ways without suffering any harm. Vietnamese hair, in particular, has a far higher bleaching ability than any other hair type. Vietnamese hair manufacturers have been making hair for a long time, so they are knowledgeable about the most recent fashions and consumer preferences. This explains why the Vietnamese people’s bone-straight hair is dyed in so many distinct tones.

Of all, we shouldn’t anticipate too much durability from a product like Bone straight hair that is subjected to so much heat and chemicals. However, Vietnamese bone straight hair extension is far more durable than their competitors. Vietnamese bone straight hair may last three to five years with proper maintenance.

The outcome of advances in industrial processing methods is this Vietnamese bone straight hair that is thicker, smoother, and shinier. It seems sensible that Vietnamese bone straight hair, which appeals to such a broad demographic, would be a top seller for businesspeople trying to enter the hair care sector.

2.2.4. Bone straight hair from Vietnam is reasonably priced

Vietnamese hair that is bone straight is extremely reasonably priced. Many of the biggest hair care firms in the world import Vietnamese bone straight hair because it is so affordable and still of great quality.

A bundle of Vietnamese bone straight hair weighing 100 grams and measuring 8 inches long costs $15. When compared to similar deals from sellers in Nigeria, Brazil, etc., this represents a sizable reduction. Usually, a bundle of bone-straight hair costs roughly $25.

Do you understand why Vietnamese bone straight hair is so inexpensive for something of such good quality? The explanations behind this are as follows:

The country’s raw materials are where the nation of Vietnam is situated. This indicates that Vietnamese bone straight hair suppliers get their hair directly from local women, saving them money on expenses like shipping, taxes, and operating costs, among other things. Vietnamese bone straight hair is now much less expensive as a consequence.

All fees are kept as low as possible since labor and warehousing are so inexpensive in Vietnam.

Vietnamese bone straight hair is quite inexpensive when compared to other hair kinds. If you own a hair care business and are attempting to settle on a distinctive appearance for your product line, here is our advice for Vietnamese bone straight hair.

To assess the quality, one must import Vietnamese bone straight hair at least once. Simply put, the quality of your new Vietnamese bone straight hair extensions won’t let you down. The price is reasonable, and the quality is excellent. Given that Vietnam is a country that exports raw materials as well, you shouldn’t be concerned about supply changes.

2.2.5. The reputation of Vietnamese bone straight hair producers is excellent

Many people undoubtedly overlook the reputation of the Vietnamese bone straight hair producers, which is one reason why Vietnamese hair is so popular in addition to the elements of quality or affordability.

Due to the complete openness of every area of the transaction, including the guarantee, discounts, and shipping guidelines, purchasing Vietnamese bone straight hair is risk-free. The websites of the Vietnamese hair factories, which give openness by outlining their procedures, quality control methods, and other pertinent information, would be helpful to online merchants.

Due to their rigorous regulations on foreign trade, it is uncommon to uncover information about internet fraud while purchasing Vietnamese bone straight hair. As a result of the problem of fake goods and online fraud being so prevalent in China and India, hair producers there face a lot of difficulties in this area.

Vendors of Vietnamese bone straight hair are quickly gaining a reputation as one of the most reliable providers in the market. Vietnamese hair suppliers are already flooding the global hair supply chain, and it looks like this will continue.

3. How to purchase bone-straight Vietnamese hair

In the hair industry, are you a wholesaler, retailer, or reseller? Do you have trouble finding high-quality Vietnamese hair that is bone straight for your business? All the information you need to know about Vietnamese bone straight hair will be provided in this post, along with advice on how to import Vietnamese bone straight hair from reputable Vietnamese hair manufacturers.

3.1. How to purchase bone-straight Vietnamese hair from Vietnamese hair producers

To safeguard yourself from the possible risks of importing Vietnamese bone straight hair, you should adhere to these guidelines if you’re interested in starting a hair company and looking for a trustworthy hair supplier.

3.1.1. Actions Taken Before Starting

You must conduct in-depth research on facts pertaining to suppliers, customs regulations, and your business plan if you want to import Vietnamese bone straight hair.

Those who want to import goods from outside face several challenges, including language limitations and a variety of approved payment methods. You are now more open to scammers. You should thoroughly research online hair services if you’re worried about your private information being disclosed.

Select a reliable seller and get in touch with them via their chosen communication channel (WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) to go over the specifics of your purchase, such as the required length, quality, color, and style.

You may deal with several suppliers to evaluate the cost and quality of Vietnamese bone straight hair before making a final choice. It’s also vital to haggle with multiple sales because prices might fluctuate even within the same wholesale shop.

3.1.2. Vietnamese bone straight hair ordering procedure

The stage where you put your order is one of the most important. So that you may successfully make an order for Vietnamese bone straight hair, we will guide you through the procedure step by step in this post.

If you let the manufacturer know what you want throughout the ordering process, they could produce the Vietnamese bone straight hair to your requirements with regard to length, color, quality, and other factors. The salesperson will email you an invoice with the complete cost of your item, including delivery, when you make your choice.

You must pay the Vietnamese hair manufacturer after the invoice has been validated before they can start working on your hair. You have the choice of paying in full upfront or paying in installments.

We’ll start creating the hair to your requirements as soon as Vietnamese bone straight hair suppliers get your order. The production time might be between seven and eleven days, depending on how complicated the order is.

Before sending the final Vietnamese bone straight hair to you, the Vietnamese hair factories will require that you examine it via video chat or another method. Please check the quality to make sure it matches your standards before allowing delivery.

Once you have approved the purchase, the Vietnamese bone straight hair manufacturer will finish the transaction by packing your order and mailing it to you.

3.1.3. Steps for shipping

When purchasing Vietnamese bone straight hair, we recommend the two shipment options listed below, each of which is exclusive to a certain nation, to provide you with additional delivery options: UPS/DHL and the agent.

When exporting to Africa, and Nigeria in particular, many Vietnamese bone straight hair enterprises use the approach of sending goods through brokers to save time and money.

Vietnamese bone straight hair producers often send goods abroad by DHL, UPS, and FedEx, mostly to countries in Europe including Germany, Italy, Russia, and others.

You can be confident that while working with Vietnamese bone straight hair factories, the buyer’s interests will always be safeguarded, regardless of the delivery method.

3.2. How to stop Vietnamese bone straight hair producers from defrauding you

It might be difficult to choose the best wholesale Vietnamese bone straight hair provider for your hair company because there are many of them available. Every one of them claims to be the only way to success, but how can you decide which one is best for your company?

You’re seeking Vietnamese bone straight hair manufacturers, not commercial plants. This is difficult, though, as there are many more trade firms in nations other than Vietnam. Nevertheless, I’ll recommend a few reputable workshops that may allay your worries about importing Vietnamese bone-straight hair from Vietnam, such as the ones listed below.

To find a Vietnamese hair factory in Vietnam where you can get your Vietnamese bone straight hair, use a search engine like Google. Examine the website, Instagram, and videos of delighted clients’ testimonials to confirm that this Vietnamese hair manufacturer has a strong internet presence. To find out what other hair sellers have to say about these hair wholesalers and the hair they’ve bought from them, you can also join hair review Facebook groups and start your own review threads. It’s crucial to locate a reputable Vietnamese bone straight hair manufacturer.

First and foremost, bear in mind to never give out your personal or financial information to anybody who asks for it unexpectedly while searching to buy Vietnamese bone straight hair or other varieties of Vietnamese wholesale hair. Keep your account information, passwords, and other confidential information secure at all times.

To ensure they received high-quality, bone-straight Vietnamese hair, you should have a video conference with the factory. A reputable Vietnamese hair manufacturer will be happy to show you the facility and any related papers.

In order to protect your finances and interests from being threatened by dishonest hair dealers, you should never purchase Vietnamese bone straight hair without first conducting your research. If you follow the guidelines I provide, you should be able to find reputable Vietnamese hair suppliers and start importing Vietnamese bone straight hair fast and with ease.

4. Vietnamese hairdressers with the greatest bone-straight hair

It makes sense if you’re unsure about where to get Vietnamese hair that is bone straight. Let me introduce you to the best Vietnamese hair sellers so that you may shop for Vietnamese bone-straight hair with total confidence.


One of the top hair suppliers in Vietnam, PHUONGNAM HAIR has more than ten years of expertise in producing and selling hair. PHUONGNAM HAIR constantly tries its best to conduct research on how to improve the hair, ensure the quality, and continue to be the least expensive, with the motto YOUR SATISFACTION IS OUR HONOR.

  • Website:
  • Fanpage Facebook: Phuongnam Hair
  • Instagram: phuongnamhair_03
  • WhatsApp: +84 33 346 5538
  • Location: Building A1, Vinhomes Gardenia, Ham Nghi Ward, Cau Dien, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi, Vietnam

Name of the brand: The largest hair factory in Vietnam, which also supplies hair to numerous international wholesale hair retailers and direct hair factory manufacturers, offering hair at factory prices with a satisfaction guarantee.

Customers from Africa (including Nigeria, South Africa, and numerous other nations across the world, including the US, UK, and Mexico) make up the bulk of PHUONGNAM HAIR’s clientele.

Along with having consistent costs and high-quality items, PhuongNam Hair is always made to look especially favorable in the eyes of its client’s thanks to the incentives associated with its products.

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