A significant hair exporter is raw Southeast Asian hair merchants. Finding knowledge that can genuinely benefit you is not an easy task. Since this is the case, we will give the most trustworthy information on suppliers of raw Southeast Asian hair.

1. Implications of Raw Southeast Asian Hair Vendors for the International Hair Extension Market

Vendors of raw Southeast Asian hair are swiftly rising to the top of the list of customers looking for raw hair and hair extensions. Raw hair from Southeast Asia is just as good for making extensions as Indian hair, but they are far less expensive.

  • On the international market, human hair is a product with a high demand and high price. The value of all international exports of human hair is expected to exceed $1.1 billion in 2022, according to the Observatory of Economic Complex (OEC), a company that creates data visualizations. The ASEAN Post reported on this. Asia accounts for 74% of worldwide hair exports.
  • Long hair is a symbol of feminine beauty with significant religious and social significance, particularly in Southeast Asian nations with a preponderance of Buddhists. Many Southeast Asian women turn to the hair business as a method of providing for themselves and their family as a result of the pervasive poverty in the area. As a result, raw Southeast Asian hair dealers now have access to a huge selection of hair.
  • While many businesses opt to import hair from India, which is acquired through religious events, raw Southeast Asian hair dealers source their hair from the region’s poor. They are now easy “prey” for the operators because of the standoff. Governments in many nations have created legal loopholes to address the issue of inexpensive hair straighteners, which has made it easier for businesses to operate and given raw Southeast Asian hair merchants an opportunity to increase the competitiveness of their goods.

Vendors of raw Southeast Asian hair have a great deal of optimism in this battle since the market is opening up and becoming more diversified in providers, which is impacting the supply signal.

2. Wholesalers of unprocessed Southeast Asian hair

If you’re looking for hair extension goods that are of the highest quality and have the potential to bring you the greatest profit, look no further than the raw Southeast Asian hair suppliers.

2.1. Raw Southeast Asian hair merchants’ definition

The majority of Southeast Asian women who sell raw hair to the region’s hair dealers are female. The coarse Southeast Asian hair has a propensity to have a denser structure since the cuticle is often bigger than that of other people’s hair. The vast majority of raw Southeast Asian hair suppliers are from various Asian countries, such as Vietnam, Cambodia, and Indonesia.

  • Once it has been cut from a Southeast Asian donor, raw Southeast Asian hair dealers quickly compress the hair and ensure that each cuticle is the same length. Because it is unprocessed, the hair from suppliers in Southeast Asia is of the greatest quality when used for hair extensions.
  • These extensions were made entirely out of human hair that was purchased from raw Southeast Asian hair merchants. The hair that is native to South Asia tends to be naturally wavy and full of volume due to its finer structure.
  • Vendors of raw Southeast Asian hair may provide a wide range of hair types, including straight, curly, wavy, and even moderately wavy hair. The list below includes some of the more popular textures. The hair is beautifully pliable and silky smooth to the touch.

Numerous wholesale hair suppliers in Europe, Africa, and the United States almost usually select raw Southeast Asian hair suppliers as their long-term business partners due to their higher quality. It is also feasible to make a large profit from importing raw Southeast Asian hair due to the competitive costs, wide range of product offers, and excellent standards maintained by their sellers.

2.2. Several providers of standard raw Southeast Asian hair

A wise move for your business would be to form a strategic alliance with suppliers of raw Southeast Asian hair. When it comes to quality, cost, and variety, raw Southeast Asian hair merchants’ products are among the finest in the industry. Our main hair suppliers will be Vietnam, Cambodia, and Indonesia. The largest suppliers of raw Southeast Asian hair are in these three nations.

2.2.1. Vendors of raw Vietnamese hair

Vietnamese raw hair vendors in particular are rapidly being sought after by salons and beauty supply outlets around the nation for their wholesale hair requirements. Vietnamese hair raw goods are attracting the attention of wholesalers in the hair business due to their competitive prices, high quality, and wide assortment. The hair’s place of origin

To be clear, when we refer to “raw Vietnamese hair,” we refer to unprocessed hair that is either from Vietnam or is of extraordinarily high quality no matter where it was grown. Due to their great quality and reasonable prices, these raw Southeast Asian hair vendors have caught the attention of clients in hair salons, hair shops, and wholesale hair suppliers from all over the world.

Because Vietnamese women between the ages of 18 and 30 have the softest, smoothest, and shinenest hair with the highest keratin content, the raw Vietnamese hair sellers exclusively buy hair from these women. Then the Vietnamese hair traders selling raw hair arrived and removed the ingrown hairs. Since then, it has been sold in marketplaces all around the world. Raw Vietnamese hair’s distinctive quality

Because it is not treated like hair from other sources, hair from raw Vietnamese hair suppliers is distinctive in that it has a totally natural texture and the cuticle is preserved. The quality of the raw hair in Vietnam is better than that of other raw Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia and Cambodia. It may therefore be effortlessly incorporated into the wearer’s current hair to give the appearance of completely natural hair.

  • Vietnamese hair, while looking coarse, is substantially finer than hair purchased from other raw Southeast Asian hair merchants, such as Cambodia. However, because the donor has a healthy lifestyle and lives in a pleasant environment, Vietnamese raw hair is particularly silky, strong, and easy to handle.
  • The raw Vietnamese hair that is exported is of the highest caliber. It is very elastic, smooth, and naturally shining. The hair is 100 percent natural, not broken or tangled, and exudes tenderness, gloss, and strength. It has not undergone any type of chemical treatment. Because of this, even in light tones such as 613 blondes, it absorbs dye well and keeps its color, which may be difficult with hair types from other raw Southeast Asian hair suppliers. The hair maintains its natural sheen for a very long time and doesn’t appear unnaturally glossy.
  • The wide variety of Vietnamese hair factories available is advantageous to distributors as well. This is because Vietnamese hair businesses would only accept hair from healthy, raw donors that has not been altered in any way. Changing the color or style of your hair is as easy as bleaching or dyeing it. In Vietnam, people have been selling hair for a very long time. Vietnamese hair manufacturers are able to satisfy the diverse demands of hair wholesalers.

Vendors of Vietnamese hair are often experienced specialists. They will assist Vietnamese hair companies in finding the finest raw Southeast Asian hair suppliers and in maintaining quality standards for both incoming and existing hair in order to guarantee the quality of the hair delivered to wholesalers.

2.2.2. Vendors of raw Cambodian hair

The cheapest prices on bulk hair purchases may be found from wholesale hair suppliers in Cambodia, one of several Southeast Asian countries that provide raw hair. You need this if you’re a hair wholesaler trying to reduce costs. However, the caliber is not guaranteed. The hair’s place of origin

Contrary to common misconception, Cambodia is not a major factory producing human hair. The majority of raw hair from Cambodia is sent to China, where it is treated using state-of-the-art chemical hair treatment techniques. Domestic businesses process the leftover hair.

The raw hair that is sold by sellers in Cambodia is provided by women who live in rural regions. Because of this, retailers that buy their raw hair from Cambodia won’t charge exorbitant markups. Numerous hair dealers worldwide choose to purchase Cambodian hair because it is thought to be of a higher grade than hair from certain other raw Southeast Asian hair suppliers. The hair’s characteristics

In contrast to some other raw Southeast Asian hair vendors, raw Cambodian hair is quite coarse and dry, and it comes in a variety of textures, from straight to wavy. The hair used by wholesale hair sellers in Cambodia is pre-manufactured into tangle-free strands, originates from donors between the ages of 18 and 60, and is sold for less than $10.

  • Raw hair from Cambodia is the best in the world in terms of quality and endurance. You won’t ever have to worry about knots or shedding since the best wholesale raw hair suppliers in Cambodia only sell hair from ladies who haven’t had it bleached or chemically processed. A variety of ringlet and loose wave hairstyles may be made with the curly and wavy hair that these raw Southeast Asian hair merchants provide.
  • The great majority of hair establishments in Cambodia are family-run companies with a small number of staff members. Because of this, businesses in the hair industry in Cambodia employ conventional methods of producing hair. Because Cambodian hair is naturally fine and curly, maintaining curly hairstyles is simple. However, the chemical treatment needed to get the straight hair needed for other hairstyles, including waves, reduces the quality and shortens the longevity of Cambodian hair.
  • As a result, compared to the Vietnamese raw hair provider, the product catalogs of these Southeast Asian raw hair sellers are far more limited. The results that may be produced by curling or coloring Cambodian hair won’t be similar to those produced by Vietnamese hair since Cambodian hair is dry and uneven.
  • A normal raw Cambodian hair bundle ranges in length from 8 to 22 inches. If there are tougher regulations on hair length, the cost will almost certainly increase. Only medium-length bundles are offered to the general public since selling hair is seen as a profession in Cambodia. Before being chopped for sale, hair must be at least 8 inches long.
  • Even when compared to other forms of hair extensions from raw Southeast Asian hair suppliers, Cambodian raw hair isn’t particularly noteworthy (such as Vietnamese raw hair or Indonesian raw hair).

Worldwide wholesale hair distributors all get particular advantages from Cambodian raw hair suppliers. These advantages originate from raw hair providers in Cambodia. Due to the high quality of the hair and the reasonable prices, Cambodian raw hair suppliers are a fantastic solution for wholesale hair sellers looking to increase their profits.

2.2.3. Vendors of raw Indonesian hair

The Indonesian raw hair producer is still a relatively new name in the worldwide hair extension industry. Despite the fact that their hair extension goods have not yet been widely famous, Indonesian hair manufacturers have a strong potential of being one of the most sought-after raw Southeast Asian hair sellers in the future. The hair’s place of origin

Due to the hot and humid environment in the area, hair from raw hair wholesalers in Indonesia has many characteristics in common with hair from raw hair vendors in nearby Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam and Cambodia.

  • Rumor has it that female Indonesians are the customers of raw hair manufacturers. These wicks are frequently marketed as “natural” since no chemical processing has been applied to them. Despite Indonesia’s relatively underdeveloped domestic manufacturing sector, demand for raw hair producers has grown recently.
  • When shopping wholesale, you could come across raw Indonesian hair in a broad range of textures and styles. Because of this, Brazilian hair or another hair type with a similar texture may occasionally be mistaken for wholesale Indonesian raw hair.
  • Due to their poor marketing skills, only a small number of wholesalers are aware of the raw Southeast Asian hair merchants from Indonesia.

You won’t want to miss this post if you’re looking for raw hair and have been considering whether or not to deal with Indonesian raw hair suppliers. The hair’s characteristics

We will first go through the biological traits of these raw Southeast Asian hair suppliers in this essay before moving on to extra technical or financial issues.

  • When originally purchased in bulk, Indonesian raw hair is particularly silky and glossy, but after three months of use, the quality begins to deteriorate. Indonesian wholesale raw hair is incredibly thick and robust, making it perfect for twists.
  • Other raw Southeast Asian hair suppliers also sell wholesale raw hair with a dark tint, thus the hair must first be bleached and dyed before it can be utilized. Because wholesale Indonesian hair is already pretty durable, even though this will make the hair dryer after coloring, it will still be able to endure the dying process.
  • Simply said, unprocessed Indonesian hair purchased in bulk does not tangle and, with proper care, may last up to four years. This hair’s quality is on par with other premium hair varieties, such as Vietnamese raw hair.
  • The most typical length of raw hair provided by Indonesian companies is between 8 and 16 inches. It could take some time to complete wholesale purchasers’ requests for hair that is longer than 20 inches. You won’t see many people, in particular, with coarse hair that is 30 inches or longer. If you wish to buy full hair longer than 30 inches from Indonesian hair suppliers, the hair salon will require at least a week to find a suitable hair source for you.

Despite not being especially well-known in the worldwide hair extension industry, Indonesian raw hair producers offer a backup option if other raw Southeast Asian hair sellers, such as Vietnam, run out of the raw hair extensions that you want.

2.3. Compare sellers of raw Southeast Asian hair

The majority of raw Southeast Asian hair sellers offer excellent quality hair that is very in demand; nonetheless, the criteria listed below may be used to identify the finest raw Southeast Asian hair suppliers.

2.3.1. Regarding the condition of the hair

The three separate raw hair merchants from Southeast Asia are all generally of extremely high quality, with the Vietnamese raw hair vendors coming out on top.

  • In comparison to Vietnamese hair, which is thicker and dulls more rapidly, Cambodian hair is coarse and lacks luster.
  • Vietnamese hair manufacturers are a trustworthy source for dependably high-quality hair since they have more advanced machinery and many more years of expertise. The two other raw Southeast Asian hair suppliers lack the know-how, state-of-the-art tools, and funding required for efficient hair segmentation. Although hair is durable and strong, because of its varying origins, it is impossible to predict the quality of any given bundle.
  • With the exception of Vietnam, suppliers of raw Southeast Asian hair face moral conundrums. There won’t be a license to ensure the legitimacy of these raw hair producers because there is no clear jurisdiction over the hair trade and commerce. If you buy hair from reputed human hair companies in Indonesia or Cambodia, there can be problems with Customs.

Simply said, the highest-quality raw Southeast Asian hair merchants are found in Vietnam. The government aggressively encourages the export of hair products to other countries since Vietnam has such a reliable supply of high-quality hair.

2.3.2. How much the hair costs

Vietnamese hair is the least expensive of the three raw Southeast Asian hair merchants, followed by Cambodian hair and then Indonesian hair.

  • Flights to several African countries must first land in Europe before going on to their final destination since Cambodia only has three international airports. Distributors selling hair extensions in Africa, where there are more of them than anyplace else, find it to be a significant issue. The price of Cambodian hair is more expensive than that of other raw Southeast Asian hair merchants due to the lengthy delivery time, which can last up to a month.
  • Indonesian distributors of raw hair are unable to provide competitive prices due to poor manufacturing. Even while the retail price of hair may be less than the cost of European hair, raw hair from Indonesia is significantly more expensive at the wholesale level than hair from other raw Southeast Asian suppliers, such as Vietnamese raw hair.
  • The price of hair from Vietnam is rather inexpensive when compared to other suppliers of raw Southeast Asian hair.

Due to the low cost of labor in Vietnam and years of process improvement, hair companies there also buy their goods from rural women. Therefore, it is reasonable to conclude that among its raw Southeast Asian hair sellers, Vietnamese raw hair providers provide the best value for the money.

2.4. How to prevent being duped by merchants of raw Southeast Asian hair

In this dangerous situation, you must take great care. Here are some tips to assist you avoid being taken advantage of by sellers of raw Southeast Asian hair.

  • Google may be used to locate sellers selling raw Southeast Asian hair. It’s more common to use Google to find what you’re looking for. Then, confirm that the information presented on those websites by merchants of raw Southeast Asian hair is accurate. To find out if this manufacturer of human hair extensions makes high-quality extensions, look up reviews on Google.
  • By looking for them on internet markets, you may quickly find the top raw Southeast Asian hair suppliers. The best raw Southeast Asian hair suppliers ensure that their goods resemble the pictures on their websites. You must obtain their approval through this internet market if you’re a wholesaler wishing to operate with raw Southeast Asian hair merchants. The online retailer will refund your money if the hair extensions you receive don’t match the description given by the raw Southeast Asian hair suppliers.
  • Vendors of raw Southeast Asian hair are obliged to represent the sector in public, hence many of them have active social media accounts. Respectable raw Southeast Asian hair suppliers will skilfully display themselves online. For instance, raw Southeast Asian hair sellers would brand themselves and clearly display their contact information, which may include their actual factory address, phone number, website, etc. Among the numerous posts and videos on their wall are product reviews and comments from customers.
  • The best method is to use video chats to examine raw Southeast Asian hair suppliers. You can ensure that the raw Southeast Asian hair merchants are legitimate and that the hair is exactly what you want.
  • The wholesale cost of raw Southeast Asian hair isn’t extremely cheap, but it’s also not particularly expensive, so be skeptical of the bargains. If the price seems unreasonably cheap, proceed with extreme care.

To avoid financial loss in the event that the rough Indonesian hair manufacturers fall short of expectations, it is in your best interest to obtain samples from raw Southeast Asian hair sellers.

3. The top suppliers of raw Southeast Asian hair

By following these simple directions to find them, you may find the largest raw Southeast Asian hair merchants. If you are unable to locate any reliable sources of these imports, we have compiled a list of the best locations to look for merchants of raw Southeast Asian hair.

3.1. The world’s top suppliers of raw Southeast Asian hair are PHUONGNAM HAIR

Currently, PHUONGNAM HAIR is Vietnam’s top wholesaler of human hair. This hair brand has been in business for more than five years. PHUONGNAM HAIR currently collaborates with more than 250 hair retailers, distributors, and salons worldwide. This article will give you a thorough evaluation of this excellent Vietnamese wholesale hair supplier.

PHUONGNAM HAIR is currently the wholesale hair distributor for more than 200 hair retailers, dealers, and salons throughout the globe. No synthetic hair is used; all of their hair is Vietnamese virgin and remy human hair.

As was already said, PHUONGNAM HAIR now works with more than 200 salons, distributors, and hair shops throughout the world. The reputation of PHUONGNAM HAIR is already known in more than 40 countries. Even the pickiest customers from Asia, Europe, America, Africa, and Australia are satisfied by PHUONGNAM HAIR. PHUONGNAM HAIR has a sizable following of loyal customers from nations such as Nigeria, Brazil, the USA, the UK, South Africa, and others.


  • Website:
  • Fanpage Facebook: Phuongnam Hair
  • Instagram: phuongnamhair_03
  • WhatsApp: +84 33 346 5538
  • Location: Building A1, Vinhomes Gardenia, Ham Nghi Ward, Cau Dien, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi, Vietnam

3.2. The greatest raw Southeast Asian hair merchants in Cambodia are at Apsara

One of the most well-known Southeast Asian hair suppliers for those looking for genuine, premium Cambodian hair is Apsara Cambodian Hair.

  • The great majority of Apsara Cambodia Hair’s contributors reside in rural Cambodia, where there are few options for women to pursue careers in business. They sell their hair to supplement their income. The staff at Apsara Cambodian Hair are aware of how important hair is to a woman’s sense of identity. Regarding obtaining a haircut in exchange, the donor’s hair length is unimportant.
  • There are several alternatives, including hair that is white or gray, blonde, short, or even nonexistent. Additionally, the websites make it simple to customize your order to meet your unique demands.
  • Generally speaking, Apsara’s hair cost is not excessive in comparison to other Southeast Asian distributors of raw hair. Apsara, however, is unable to prevent concerns about unequal hair quality since, as you are aware, Cambodian technology is still rather obsolete and unable to keep up with other nations in the globe.

To prevent needless problems, be careful to understand the sort of hair you wish to purchase before interacting with this source.

3.3. The greatest suppliers of raw Southeast Asian hair in Indonesia are PT. FAHMAHAIR TUNGGAL MANDIRI

In order to provide top-notch goods at affordable prices, including both new and used choices, PT. FAHMAHAIR TUNGGAL MANDIRI collaborates with a number of trustworthy raw hair producers and raw Southeast Asian hair sellers in Indonesia.

  • It started operating on January 1, 2011, and since then, it has developed into one of the most prominent suppliers of raw Southeast Asian hair in JAWA BARAT, Indonesia.
  • They guarantee the best and highest quality raw Indonesian hair products, which are supported by trustworthy machinery, personnel, and staff inside the business.
  • These producers only have a small hair factory, which limits the amount of raw hair they can produce. Indonesian hair costs substantially more than hair from the two raw Southeast Asian hair merchants mentioned above as a consequence.


However, it might be challenging to determine the hair’s quality with any degree of accuracy. Because of this, you should exercise extreme caution when purchasing hair from this provider, especially if you have no prior expertise in the raw hair industry. 

Directly as a result of what I learned from reading this essay. We hope that you have found the most dependable suppliers of raw Southeast Asian hair so that you may grow your business. If you have any more inquiries, don’t be afraid to contact PHUONGNAM HAIR.

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