Have you noticed that several types of tape are being utilized in extensions? Do you understand the distinction between them? Do you know which sort of extension tape has the best quality? You will grasp the distinctions after reading this essay.

1. What exactly are ordinary tape-in hair extensions?

Tape in hair extensions are thin tape wefts with a width of around 0.8-1 cm and a length of about 4 cm or 1 strip of 1 m depending on the demands of the customer. Tape-in extensions are hair extensions that are adhered to the scalp with medical-grade adhesive. Use replacement double-sided tape as an adhesive to hold the hair extension in place. The tape is reusable and may be split into smaller pieces as needed. As a result, it is extremely handy and straightforward to use.

2. What exactly is invisible tape used for in hair extensions?

Tape-in extensions that are invisible (seamless weft extensions and invisible tape) are a type of tape-in. In the production process, it differs from ordinary tape in various ways. Individual hairs are injected into the PU weft of the tape using injection technology to generate flawless inject tape in hair extension. As a result, it lacks short hair on top. More discrete and seamless.

This method outperforms ordinary tape in manufacturing technology by a wide margin. Hair appears to be sprouting from our scalp following the insertion of injection tape in extensions.

3. The benefits and drawbacks of normal tape

Secondly, tape-in extensions may be utilized in three to four different ways and have a lifespan of up to a year. Reusing hair extensions is quite beneficial, especially if they were custom cut or dyed for you. Because high-quality tape extensions may be reused, it’s worth a chance.

Second, the hair is not damaged. Because they are linked to your natural hair with a tape strand, tape-in extensions are safe for it. Your natural hair is sandwiched between the wefts as they are applied row by row. As a consequence, it is neither stressed or harmed by tools or chemicals such as microbeads or sewn-in weaves.

Other people, on the other hand, are afraid that the attachments will be obvious and that everyone will notice that you are wearing extensions. The sole downside of ordinary tape is this. When normal tape-in extensions are placed closer to the top of the hair, the top of the extension is more apparent. Additionally, the extensions may slip on your hair when new hair forms or grows.

4. The benefits and drawbacks of invisible tape ins

The invisible tape is quite simple to apply. Vietnamese tape-in hair extensions are as comfy as you can imagine. These are lightweight, so they won’t annoy you even if you wear them all day.

This tape is suitable for persons with fine hair. Individuals with thin hair use hair extensions to increase their confidence because the tape is designed to blend in.

When wearing hair extensions is difficult, the invisible tape allows you to confidently style your hair. This is not the case with invisible Vietnamese hair tape-in extensions. You may style your hair as usual because the tape is secure and invisible.

5. How do I apply tape to my extensions?

Separate the hair at the back of the head and tie the rest up.

Take the paper out of your hair. Pull the hair and put one piece under the parted portion.

Put another hairpiece just above it so that the two touch and push together.

With pliers, press the hairpieces firmly into place.

How do you take care of tape extensions?

There are several methods for caring for your tape:

  • Shampoo your hair 72 hours after application.
  • Before going to bed, braid your hair into a whip to eliminate tangling.
  • Brush your hair numerous times each day with a moist brush or a brush created particularly for hair extensions. Brush your teeth from top to bottom.
  • Brush your hair extensions before shampooing them, but don’t brush your hair when it’s wet.
  • While washing your hair, avoid adding conditioner to the replacement tape since it will cause the film to break off. Instead, gently massage it up and down, use additional conditioner, and use essential oil or coconut oil.
  • After washing your hair, try to let it dry naturally.
  • To move the connection points closer to the scalp and maintain the hair healthy, the hair extension will need to be reapplied every 6 to 10 weeks.



The typical tape may last 3-4 years if properly cared for. It is easier to insert and remove than weave hair. Conventional tape-in extensions, on the other hand, have a higher visibility at the top. In extensions, invisible tape is thinner and more noticeable. With natural hair, it is also simpler to hide. Nonetheless, it is more costly than normal tape.

If you are seeking high-quality items in a range of patterns and colors, please contact us. PHUONGNAM HAIR is a hair extension firm based in Vietnam. We hope that all of the information we give will help you choose the right hair type and increase the efficiency of your business.


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