Concerns over the worth and utility of two different kinds of hair extensions—human hair and synthetic hair—have been a point of constant contention since the beginning. To be fair, each form has advantages of its own and can satisfy the preferences of a certain group. While synthetic hair is losing some of its credibility due to the increasing popularity of human hair, a new hair product on the market appears to be helping: mix of human hair. Likewise actual hair, but mixed with synthetic hair. Is a human hair combination that seems so intriguing and alluring worth a shot? We’ll see.

1. What is a combination of human hair?

1.1. Concept

Real human hair and synthetic hair are combined in a human hair blend in varying ratios, depending on the manufacturer. The ratio is often either 50% human hair and 50% synthetic hair, or 70% human hair, 30% synthetic hair. Normally, the hair is handled and processed in a way that makes it easier for real and fake hair to meld together in a natural way.

1.2. How do human hair mix wigs and extensions look?

The hair extension is believed to be more adaptable and durable thanks to the blend of real hair and synthetic hair. A human hair mix wig or extension will give you the greatest qualities of both natural and artificial hair. Like synthetic hair, it can keep the style for a longer period of time while still having the soft, natural appearance of human hair. In this manner, the cost of a human hair wig is reduced by half.

2. Benefits and downsides of human hair blends

If you have just read this far, you could conclude that human hair mix is the best hair kind and that you are immediately prepared to get a human hair blend wig. But you don’t simply gain the benefits when you mix synthetic hair with actual human hair. In actuality, all of the drawbacks of both types will congregate here.

2.1. Advantages

Extensions or wigs made of a human hair blend maintain the style longer. Everyone is aware that real hair is simple to shape and curl, but synthetic hair holds styles better. In truth, producers frequently employ synthetic hair that can be groomed with heat and kept looking good for a long period. Additionally, because of this quality, synthetic hair may hold even human hair locks, extending the life of your hairdo. The curls, however, will also revert to their original straight condition after usage for a while and cannot be re-curled.

Blended human hair is thin. Because real human hair strands include several layers of cuticle and other components, they are always thicker. Because of this, when two bundles of human and synthetic hair are compared and their lengths are the same, the human hair bundle is always heavier. Now, if you combine real hair and synthetic hair into a single wig, you’ll undoubtedly notice how light and comfy it feels on your head.

Blended human hair is less expensive. Because human hair is greater quality, it costs significantly more than synthetic hair. Human hair mix is less expensive than human hair, even if the maker employs heat-friendly synthetic hair, which is somewhat more expensive. It implies that you may get a wig or extension of quite high quality for less than what one made of actual hair could cost.

2.2. Disadvantages

  • Bleach and color cannot be applied on human hair mix.

Human hair differs from synthetic hair in that it includes layers of cuticles that give it a unique structure that allows it to respond to environmental conditions differently. When it comes to coloring or bleaching hair, this is clear. Virgin human hair, in particular, may be bleached blonde and colored any color with more accuracy and vibrancy.

On the other hand, synthetic hair is unable to accomplish the same. It is very difficult to bleach or color synthetic hair to match real hair since it is merely a collection of false hair strands composed of synthetic materials.

It is impossible to bleach or color a human hair blend due to the structural and physical variances between human and synthetic hair, which result in differing processing times. Consequently, if you wear a human hair blend wig, you must maintain the initial hue throughout.

  • The lifetime of human hair and synthetic hair is different.

Human hair and synthetic hair not only have varied lifespans, but they also age in various ways. Human hair wigs often last longer with adequate care, an average of 2-3 years, compared to synthetic hair’s short lifespan of up to 6 months. As a result, artificial hair strands are very worn out, dry, and tangled, in contrast to real hair, which still seems healthy, soft, elastic, and lustrous.

Additionally, the manner that physical outside influences impact human hair and synthetic hair varies. Synthetic hair tends to be drier and more frizzy when exposed to the sun, smoking, pollution, or high winds since the hair is no longer protected by the cuticles. When the human hair is shinier and softer than the synthetic hair, this difference will stand out in a human hair blend wig.

  • It’s challenging to maintain a human hair mix wig.

As was already said, human hair and synthetic hair are both formed of two types of fibers that have differing structures, textures, and color or bleaching capabilities. Because of this, maintaining a human hair mix wig, which combines the two kinds, is particularly challenging. You might be unsure about how to care for it: Should you treat it as a synthetic hair wig or a human hair wig? In any event, maintaining your wig’s look will need a lot more time and work.

3. Extensions made of human hair or human hair blends?

Still thinking about putting on a single human hair blend wig? Only if you’ve never worn a human hair wig before should you give it a try. As you can see, a wig that blends human and synthetic hair offers benefits that may enthrall anybody who is accustomed to using synthetic hair. It is undoubtedly more adaptable and natural-looking than a synthetic hair wig. But never settle for anything less than top-notch human hair if you want a completely natural sensation and smooth, silky, lustrous hair. You might have experiences with human hair wigs or extensions that you’ve never had before.


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