Hair extensions are undoubtedly a quick and simple alternative to waiting years for your hair to grow out. Before making a selection, you should weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the many types of hair extensions that are currently on the market. We’d like to explain how to choose the best hair extensions for you in the article that follows.

1. A hair extension is what?

Hair extensions are a type of genuine or synthetic hair that is affixed tightly to the scalp and used to lengthen hair, enhance volume, or conceal an unflattering haircut. It might be tough to tell you’re wearing hair extensions if you choose ones that are well-matched in terms of texture and color.

2. How to choose the ideal hair extensions

2.1. Quality of hair

Make sure the hair extensions you use are high-quality first. Although expensive, it will undoubtedly last longer. We’ll assist you in correctly identifying the variations among natural hair kinds available on the market.

Remy hair is gathered using a technique that ensures all of the hair strands are pointing in the same direction as they would naturally grow. This offers a smooth texture, natural look, and feel that are similar to your own hair.

But Remy hair isn’t valued for its quality as much as Virgin hair is. Virgin hair can be bleached to a shade of 613 blond whereas Remy hair cannot. Since the virgin hair was gathered from a donor, bleaching it results in hairpieces with the same hue throughout.

The most stunning hair extension is Thin Baby, which is made of incredibly delicate, unprocessed baby hair and can totally bleach the brightest hues, including 60 and 613. For customers who want to maintain their length yet give thinning areas some texture, this is a fantastic alternative. Less strands are typically utilized to define the face and give it a “fuller” appearance without adding weight.

2.2. Increases volume

We have Single Draw, Double Draw, and Super Double Drawn for the hair ends. Whereas Double is the most popular tail length due to its attractive natural thickness and affordable price.

Single is inexpensive yet exceedingly thin, as the name implies. Because it collects thick long hair from the roots to the ends of the hair, super double is thick and attractive but most costly for long hair.

2.3. Colors 

In addition, your hair extensions must match your original hair. The most fashionable hues now are black, brown, and blonde with burgundy (wine red); examples include balayage, ombre, and balayage piano. Blonde hair should not be wavy or curly since it has double the amount of damage and is combustible.

However, PHUONGNAM HAIR can confidently create stunning and high-quality wavy/curly blonde goods while minimizing damage thanks to expertise and a team of professionals.

2.4. Hairstyles

The kind and texture of hair extensions you choose may have a big impact on how you look as a whole.

There are three fundamental hairstyles: curly, wavy, and straight.

There are several forms of straight, including bone straight, natural straight, and kinky straight. Straight hair is simple to maintain and style. Real hair gains length and volume as a result.

Body, loose, ocean, and deep waves are all types of waves. To make softer curves, you may also use a straightener or curling iron.

Jerry curl, fumi curl, baby curl, rose curl, egg curl, pixie curl, and burmese curl are all available on Curly. Keep in mind that your knotted curls might become dry and brittle if you don’t take care of them. Your hair cuticle may get damaged when this occurs.

2.5. Hair length

The length or shortness of your hair might depend on the texture of your hair. Simply said, curly hair will appear shorter than wavy hair and wavy hair will appear shorter than straight hair if they are both the same length. Check out our graphic to determine the ideal length for you.

Additionally, you should think about the best haircut for your face. Keep in mind that there is no correct or incorrect response to this question. Almost all hair lengths are somewhat flattering to all facial shapes. However, it is important to consider your hair’s cut, layers, movement, and styling. These are the lengths that would fit you the best if you had to be particular and choose one to genuinely compliment your face shape and emphasize your features…

3. Top hair extension trends for you

3.1. Straight as a black bone

This hair is perfect for women who desire the beauty of elegant and is pretty comparable to your naturally straight hair.

The majority of the time, black bone straight hair does not tangle and needs little to no styling. Although they may not curl, these hair extensions look great on naturally straight hair.

3.2. Piano body wavy

Everyone can easily get along with piano body wavy, which is also appropriate for most events and informal trips like coffee, movies, and picnics.

Typically, red, orange, or blonde are used with the piano hue. You will appear stunning and attractive in all three hues.

3.3. Brown pixie curl

Brown pixie curls complement dark-toned complexion and are the ideal style for African women of all ages.

Hair for pixie curls is tightly curled and is chin-length or shorter. You may always obtain a natural look with this extension without worrying about out-of-date fashion.


We really hope that the aforementioned advice will help you choose an extension that will complement your hair and seem natural.

Products from PHUONGNAM HAIR are crafted from glossy, 100% genuine human hair. As a result, they are of the highest quality, durable, non-shedding, and tangle-free, and they will provide you with the luxuriant Vietnam hair you desire. The crew at PHUONGNAM HAIR is knowledgeable and focused on the consumer. We are confident that you will be pleased not only with the quality of our Vietnamese hair products but also with the team’s commitment to the business.


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