People who enjoy having their hair done and matching it with their attire frequently use hair extensions to avoid hurting their own hair. Not all hair extension varieties, nevertheless, are gaining attention. One of these styles that most people overlook is the underestimated short hair extensions. Not to worry! We have your back. Learn more about short hair extensions by reading on!

1. How to Make the Best Short Hair Extensions Selection

Another name for hair extensions is the “get-up genuine deal maker.” They are essential to how you come across. As a result, you must select the best short hair extension. Here are the five factors you need to take into account before purchasing short hair extensions.

1.1. Check the Quality of Short Hair Extensions

Using your short hair extensions, you may appear stunning. The real dilemma, though, is whether the hair extensions you’re wearing can endure the raucous party, the severe weather, or even just one day.

You must thus select high-quality short hair extensions. You can choose short human hair extensions over synthetic hair if you like. Human hair is said to be superior to synthetic hair.

Brands have a part in the quality of short hair extensions. Even if you’ve found the ideal genuine human hair, do reputable manufacturers produce short hair extensions? I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t purchase goods from lesser-known companies, but you should pick a company that has successfully tried and confirmed short hair extensions.

1.2. Select the Best Type of Short Hair Extensions

The kind of hair extension you’ll use is the next item you need to think about. Tape-ins, clip-ins, and halo extensions are some of the greatest short hair extensions that you may utilize. However, keep in mind that the length of your hair plays a role in these short hair extension varieties.

For instance, most tape-ins width has around 1 to 1.5 inches per tape which will be attached to your natural hair. Thus, your hair cut must not be too short to hold the tape-in hair extension.

1.3. Verify the length of the short hair extensions

Check first how long the hair extension should be before purchasing the short hair extensions that best suit your style. Even though you just need 12-inch short hair extensions, there is nothing wrong with purchasing 30-inch extensions.

If you require the length to be precisely 12 inches, an issue occurs. With the 30-inch hair extension, what would you do? Do you intend to shave it? Do you intend to purchase another short hair extension?

1.4. Compare the thickness of your hair to that of short hair extensions

You must use a hair extension that has the same volume or thickness as your own hair if you want to seem natural. You may select a hair extension that is thinner, but that would not suit you. Instead, it could resemble damaged hair. Additionally, avoid choosing hair extensions that are thicker than your own hair. It might not appear organic.

1.5. Pick the Proper Color

Some individuals might believe that the quality, length, and thickness of short hair extensions are more significant factors than their color. They had no idea that the color of your hair extensions also affected how you appeared. Additionally, the appropriate shade is necessary for a seamless mix with your natural hair. It will be clear that you are wearing a hair extension if you don’t.

2. Advice for Wearing Short Hair Extensions

2.1. Clean your hair

Make care to clean your hair before applying for your hair extension. If there is any dust or other dirt on it, wash and condition it to get rid of it. Always keep in mind that working with clean hair is simpler than with greasy hair. You can experience difficulties securing the short hair extensions to the latter.

2.2. Tie up your natural hair’s top section

To work on your hair extensions swiftly and effortlessly, you must secure the top half. Tying the top half of your hair makes it simple to clip or attach hair extensions to the center and bottom of your hair.

The short hair extensions may be attached such that they naturally blend in with your hair on the inside of your head.

2.3. The hair extensions’ tips should be trimmed

If your short hair extensions appear too harsh and unnatural, then this step is simply essential. To provide a more natural appearance, trim the terminal portion. Ask someone to cut it for you if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, or visit the closest salon.

2.4. You should give your hair extension a shine serum

Your short hair extensions and your natural hair mix together with hair shine serum. If your hair is a little bit duller than the hair extension, you can apply the serum to it. Alternatively, to match the shine of your natural hair, you can use the serum for hair extensions if it’s the other way around.

2.5. Stylish up your hair

By styling it, you may further integrate the hair extension into your natural hair. If you have curly hair, slightly curl the hair extension to match your hair’s curl. For a consistent, straight appearance, you can iron both your natural hair and the hair extension at the same time.

3. Care Instructions for Short Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are just affixed to the hair; they are not affixed to the scalp or your hair’s roots. Therefore, your short hair extensions must resemble your own hair. To accomplish this, you will require the following:

  • A dry shampoo

Your hair and hair extensions need to be oil-free for the tape to keep the bond and the extension to stay in place, which is made possible by dry shampoo.

  • Brush extensions

While using a standard brush is acceptable, we advise getting or using an extension brush. Specialized brushes are available for hair extensions. Your hair may be untangled without harming the short, natural hair extensions.

  • Free of Sulfates Shampoo

Due to its cleansing qualities, which are absent from other hair care shampoos, sulfate-free shampoos are hailed in the hair care market as one of the greatest hair cleaning agents. These characteristics preserve the quality and gloss of your hair and hair extensions.

  • Conditioner

In particular, if you swim, a good conditioner might assist in maintaining your hair extensions. Your hair and short hair extensions are given additional protection from breakage, dryness, and damage.

4. Summary

Similar to regular-length hair extensions, short hair extensions function the same way. However, because they will be affixed to shorter hair, these types of extensions can require additional hair care.

I hope this post has provided you with more information on selecting the best short hair extensions and maintaining them.



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