Follow the advice in the article below if you want to have bone-straight hair but still have a lot of questions. Specifically for you:

1. Why is hair bone straight?

This type of straight hair is fine, smooth, and sparse. From the weft to the bottom, the strands of this type of hair are solid and tightly knotted.

It tastes just as amazing as it looks, too. Any sophisticated woman who values the finer things in life needs that smooth hair.

2. Bone Straight-Haired Creatures

If you want a hairstyle that won’t stress you out, this one is ideal. If you want people to pay notice to you, this is the hair for you. Look no further than your hair if you want to make a statement about your sense of style. Simply take a chance with this haircut.

This hair resembles natural straight hair a lot because of how similarly straight it is. There are differences among them, though, which is why this article is here to let you know about them. In this manner, you’ll avoid becoming confused and mistaking any straight hair you see for being bone straight.

2.1. It needs very little or no styling

Contrary to naturally straight hair, this hair takes very little to no styling, which makes it stress-free. In other words, you won’t need to brush and comb your hair as frequently. It also does not tangle because the strands are sturdy and loose. This functionality does have certain limitations, though. You won’t be able to switch up your looks as much as you’d like with this hairstyle. If your hair is naturally straight, only then will that work.

2.2. It cannot be crinkled

That was obvious from the first point. Maybe one day you’ll get sick of this hair being straight and want to add some curls to it. Although curls are often discouraged for this type of hair, it is still extremely gorgeous. Even the curls can’t be held in place. Therefore, don’t even consider curling it.

If you want to be able to curl your hair whenever you want to switch up your style, opt for naturally straight hair. It works well for curls and can even give your hair a deep wave.

2.3. It’s incredibly flat

How else would you distinguish this hairstyle other than the fact that it is straight?

The hair in this category is often flat and smooth. It looks thinner than naturally straight hair and less full-bodied than its natural counterpart.

2.4. It doesn’t need to be colored

Another thing to keep in mind when learning how to take care of straight hair is that it is easily damaged, so avoid bleaching or coloring it, especially with a bright blonde shade. Select dark colors like brown, black 1B, and other tones if you need to dye your hair extensions.

You can bleach natural hair, especially virgin hair, to make your own hair your own color and bone straight.

3. Bone-straight hair types

The following 4 hair types are bone straight:

  • Single Drawn: This one has about 10–20% hair strands that are the same length, with the remaining hair being a mixture of shorter ones. A single drawn bundle appears to be relatively thick at the top while being quite thin at the ends as a result. As a result, when compared to double-drawn or super double-drawn bundles, the cost of a single-drawn bundle is the lowest. Customers on a tight budget, such as students, frequently purchase wigs made from single-drawn bundles.
  • Double Drawn: In this variety, 30–50% of the hair strands are of the same length. In other words, it is full and thick at the top and center but thinner at the bottom. Additionally, it costs more than the one that is just drawn. On the other hand, super double-drawn results in a flawlessly straightened hair extension.
  • Super Double Drawn 1 is entirely made of the finest and most consistent Vietnamese hair. About 85% to 90% of the hair is the same length. As a result, the hair becomes unusually thick and uniform.
  • About 65 to 70 percent of the hair in Super Double Drawn 2 is the same length. Despite not being as high as super double-drawn 1, the volume of hair is still impressive.

4. How to maintain your hair in a bone straight style

I’ll give you some suggestions for maintaining perfectly straight hair that work well below:

4.1. Correctly using a tail comb to maintain hair that is bone straight

It can become knotted if you don’t know how to take care of hair that is bone straight. You frequently feel the wind in your hair when you wake up (your real hair and hair extensions, obviously). The hair needs to be brushed, but let’s do it properly first. If you have long, knot-filled hair, let’s start with the peeling. The top of the hair is then peppered. According to a hair expert, he always took nutrients before brushing his hair. Hair extension nutrition can make use of keratin and cocoa oil.

4.2. The most crucial step in caring for bone-straight hair is cleaning

Why is knowing how to wash straight hair important? due to the fact that it is made of real human hair. Some characteristics of actual human hair include:

  • Human hair can become tangled, dry, or fragile.
  • Dust in the air can make human hair greasy and dirty, especially in humid areas.

Cleaning and conditioning the hair is therefore a crucial part of keeping it straight. Despite the fact that Vietnamese hair is employed in nutrition and Vietnamese herbs, a variety of factors might affect the hair during travel. For example, prolonged shipping durations result in moisture loss, which leads to dry hair, and physical handling by the carrier, which causes skewed hair. If you want to keep your hair looking good and bone straight, you must know how to take care of it.

4.3. Using hairspray, hair serum, and protein-rich natural oils is another way to maintain hair that is bone straight

In the summer and early fall, hair extensions deficient in protein develop frost. Actually, the best times to increase your protein intake are in the summer and fall. The excessive moisture in the air could result in “mushy” or weaker strands. You should therefore treat protein therapy and your hair with great care.

Whether you want to strain your hair or not, protein treatments can cause dry, brittle hair in the winter but also prevent breakage in the summer and early fall. Hair spray containing keratin, protein, collagen, and other ingredients is very helpful for you if you don’t have the time to carry out numerous different maintenance procedures to keep your hair extension roots straight.

5. These are the benefits of Vietnamese bone straight hair

There are three main reasons to choose Vietnamese bone straight hair if you are new to the hair industry. You’ll spend less time maintaining and caring for high-quality bone straight hair.

5.1. This kind of hair extension greatly increases your earnings

You’ll see a ton of businesses, models, musicians, and hair salons publishing images and videos of their hair in your Facebook or Instagram newsfeeds.

Some estimates place the market’s value in the billions of dollars annually, and it is growing swiftly due to the increasing demand for dry hair around the world, notably in Nigeria and other African countries. Modern girls often enjoy changing their hairstyles or haircuts. However, there could be a number of negative effects, and it might damage their natural hair.

If you buy a lot of this luxurious texture of hair from a Vietnamese wholesaler, you can be it for a reasonable price. Then you may resell it in your own nation for a profit.

Due to tremendous demand, bone straight wigs are now the priciest ones available, costing anything from $200 to $700 each. You might make up to $500 USD for each wig. If you use the advice on this website to learn how to properly take care of bone-straight hair, you may potentially take thousands of dollars out of your clients’ purses in just two weeks.

Women with large budgets like high-quality products, which Vietnamese hair is known for.

Vietnamese bone straight hair is the best choice if you are just starting out in business because it might make you a lot of money.

5.2. Curly hair is more difficult to produce, manage, and sell

There is no denying that women are getting more and more interested in having curly hair. Contrarily, curly hair can easily become dry, shed, or knotted, especially when bleached and dyed with vibrant hues like Blonde 60, Blonde 613, and so on. If you take care of your hair, you can keep it silky, smooth, and bone straight. Additionally, bone-straight hair is easier to sell and requires less time to make than curly hair. Unfortunately, you cannot curl bone-straight hair. Otherwise, you can have this haircut whenever you want without fearing that it will go out of style.

5.3. Vietnamese bone straight hair accelerates the growth of your brand

More important than an apology for subpar products is an explanation for low prices. If you use excellent Vietnamese hair, customers will remember you and your business as a hair vendor who always gives them the best hair strands. You would receive free oral and viral marketing as a result, which other hair salons may invest millions of dollars in to reach more potential customers.

6. How can I import bone-straight Vietnamese hair?

Many people worry about running a business while having hair that is bone straight. This part will cover the background of the bone-straight hair market as well as how to locate a reliable wholesaler of bone-straight hair.

6.1. How can I pick a trustworthy wholesaler of bone straight hair?

Finding trustworthy bone straight hair wholesalers involves a unique set of standards and steps for every individual. When choosing a trustworthy partner for your bone-straight hair business, there are a number of important factors that you should take into account.

  • Information on bone-straight hair is frequently updated.
  • Customers receive prompt assistance and advice from bone-straight hair producers.
  • Bone straight hair that is of the highest caliber.
  • The ability to conduct online transactions
  • Positive comments and evaluations have been made about bone-straight hair.
  • There are no middlemen with the best low prices.

6.2. Top Vietnamese bone straight hair factory: PHUONGNAM HAIR

With more than 5 years of experience, PHUONGNAM HAIR Factory is proud to be among the best bone straight hair suppliers in Vietnam. Bone straight hair and other extension products will be of the same superior quality, according to the factory’s guarantee.

As a forerunner in the hair industry at the national level, PHUONGNAM HAIR is driving the Vietnamese hair market’s international developments and progressively securing its position. Due to its outstanding quality and reasonable prices, PHUONGNAM HAIR, which has more than 900 devoted international hair vendors, has long been regarded as a reliable and adored destination for hair distributors from all over the world, including Africa, Russia, Europe, and others.

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