Wig and All You Need To Know About It

Wig have grown in popularity in the last few years as they become more affordable, more creative, and look more realistic and generally more accessible. Let’s learn more about wig in this article!

Wig definition

Like hats, wig is removable head coverings that are easily covered over hair. Hair is pinned to a cap, which is glued to the head. in addition, Cambridge Dictionary defines wig as a covering of artificial hair worn on the head to hide a loss of hair or to cover your own hair

Wig making materials

If you are looking for a wig, check out the best materials on the market. These are the main types of hair extension materials: human hair, synthetic hair and yarn hair. Consider the characteristics of these hair types below.

Human hair

The most common hair extensions material is real human hair. Manufacturers sort hair by length, remove substandard damaged strands, and tie hair into bundles arranged by length. Buns of hair of the same length are then grouped to form a larger bundle, ready to be sewn into a wig or wig.

Human hair extensions are made of real, natural, harvested human hair, which means they look, move and act just like your own hair. It thus helps your hair to attain an incredibly natural look. Compared to synthetic hair, human hair endure longer. When handled and maintained properly, an authentic natural hair extensions can last up to 2 years, this means that it helps you save your money in the long run. It is easily styled, you can iron, curl and straighten, you can even dye it.

Synthetic hair

Synthetic wig are manufactured using man-made polymers that are often paired with resins such as acrylic, silk, acrylonitrile, silicone, PVC, vinyl, etc. Then, fired at a certain temperature so that they flex and move like real hair, the fibers are then knitted into various hats to create a natural-looking wig.

Perhaps the most striking benefit of synthetic wig is that they are pre-styled, and have the ability to hold a certain style regardless of conditions. Even after you rinse it, it will return to its original shape, which means less maintenance. Since they are made from “artificial” materials and chemicals, they are more resistant to weathering. Whether the weather is wet or cold, artificial wig will often retain their texture and style. Synthetic wig also offer more variety as they come in a variety of colors and designs.

Yarn hair

Most people recommend using acrylic yarn for yarn wig. Yarn wig offer many of the same benefits as other materials. They help protect your hair from the elements, allow you to grow longer, and give you the freedom to experiment with different styles.

In fact, in terms of potential value, we think human hair are a great choice, and perhaps the best part is that you can treat them just like your own hair. Although human hair require more maintenance and take more time than synthetic and yarn, they are more comfortable for women and can last longer, and can even style and protect women’s hair and scalp better.

If you want to know more about wig material, please click here

Main types of human hair wig

Full lace wig

A full lace wig is a wig with an entire lace base. It is constructed from full cap lace, the size of the lace can cover the whole head, and 100% human hair is tied into the lace holes by hand to look like real hair.

It’s basically a hand-made all human hair wig, so it’s more airy and lighter than lace front wig. Being made with full lace means your scalp will be able to breathe as it should, which will make it easier for your natural hair to grow healthy.

In addition, the full lace wig makes the hairstyle even more versatile, which means it can be braided anywhere and styled in a variety of ways, such as high buns, parting center from the front hairline to the nape, side parting, high ponytail or buns, etc.

Closure/frontal wig

On the one hand, the frontal hairpiece is a wig that can cover the front part of your head from one ear to the other. The size comes in 13×4 inches, 13×6 inches or any smaller size. It gives your scalp space to breathe, thanks to its light texture. The front is very flexible due to the lace material, allowing you to wear it in many styles. You can wear it in a low ponytail, a high ponytail, a side ponytail, a half ponytail or a braid, style any hairstyle that pleases you.

On the other hand, a closure wig includes 4×4 lace, 5×5 lace and 6×6 deep split wig with various colors, lengths and textures. It does not cover your entire head but only the central area. The wig closes a setting, and that’s the source of the naming. With a closed wig, you will have no trouble blending the texture and color of your hair with the weave. It will be easy to match your weave as there is no need to dye part of your hair or apply heat. Closures will serve you for a while compared to the plane. It doesn’t matter whether you choose lace or a sewn wig.

Tips to care human hair wig at home

Using correct care products

When washing your hair with a wig, wash it as you would with your natural hair. That means be careful with shampoos and conditioners that are high in chemicals. Proper use of chemical-free shampoos and conditioners is optimal for the overall health of the wig, keeping it soft and protected.

If you tend to wear it every day, a thorough washing 1 to 3 times per week should suffice. Use warm water and make sure to penetrate all areas of it.

Comb thoroughly while washing with a wide-tooth comb and then rinse with slightly warm or cool water to remove all product. Gently wringing out excess water after washing with a towel or cotton shirt and letting them dry completely in the air is a perfect option as this avoids combing through the wig and causes less damage.

Limit drying hair with heat

The hairs on your wig do not produce natural oils like biological hair and therefore your wig will lack moisture. This means that wig is likely to dry out a lot more easily, especially when extra heat is involved. Use the lowest heat setting possible if using a hair dryer. Also, keep the blow dryer or curler away from the roots of the wig.

Store in a clean area, covered

The first step of this process is to make sure that your wig is completely dry. Mold can form when storing it while the hair is still wet or even slightly damp. Your stored it must be protected from direct sunlight, dust and heat. Your best bet is a dresser or wig rack, where it can rest safely without harm. Alternatively, you can also use satin or silk bags. And make sure not to store wig for long periods of time without rinsing off used styling products. This can damage the wig and be difficult to restore.

Comb correctly

Brushing during the day should be kept to a minimum to protect your dry hair from breaking. When combing them, avoid damaging the hair strands. After all, hair has no scalp to connect so when combing knots, be gentle.

Where to buy a beautiful human hair extensions?

Today, there are many quality and cost-effective human hair suppliers that can be easily found online. However, it should be noted that looks can be deceiving, so you should properly research human hair extensions suppliers before making a purchase. Look for a brand that can certify the quality of the hair used and the suitability of the hair treatment. We advise you to carefully evaluate the products on the market using only healthy human hair with a guarantee of careful handling, respecting the hair structure and thus ensuring hair extensions that will be beautiful and exist for a long time.

Anka Hair has more than 10 years of experience in human hair extensions supply service. We take great pride in offering high quality human hair that are hand-selected and untreated of any kind. Our product collection combines elegance and style to suit everyone. Anka Hair guarantees that our product are made from 100% virgin human hair, there are many colors to suit all tastes, styles and skin tones. With great quality, the hair always comes with beautiful quality in the cap, handmade, twine and lace for a more natural feel.

If you want to own the highest quality hair extensions, contact Anka hair to be assisted by a team of experts who can provide you with pictures or videos before you purchase, so you can rest assured when buying.

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