Because of the benefits they provide, hair extensions have been more popular than ever in recent years. Hair extensions, with today’s current technology, generate a wide range of hairstyles to meet the demands of people. Curly hair is an excellent and popular option. In this post, I’m going to tell you about Vietnamese Super Double Drawn Curly Hair Extension, which is worth a try, and I guarantee you won’t be able to take your eyes off each and every photo of Vietnamese Super Double Drawn Curly Hair Extension below.

1. Vietnamese ultra double drawn curly hair extensions explained

Very double-drawn hair is a hair grade in Vietnamese hair. Vietnamese super double-drawn hair is well-known for its fullness from the top to the bottom of the bundles, which include 80-90% of the same length strands. It is superior to single or double-drawn hair.

  • Single-drawn is the lowest quality category among the three outlined above. In most cases, 50-60% of the hair is the same length. The rest will be a little bit shorter. This is also why single-drawn hair has a thick top and a tiny tail, making it inappropriate for a thick hair style.
  • Single-drawn is preferred over double-drawn. In double-drawn hair, approximately 75% of the hair is the same length. When touched, the hair is significantly thicker than a single-drawn one.
  • Super double drawn is the greatest quality. 80-85% or more of the hair is the same length. The remainder is short. This hair is of high quality. This hair type is full and perfect for folks who prefer abundant hair.
  • How to Get Super Double Drawn Curly Hair in Vietnam

2. Every curly hair extension is made in four simple steps

2.1. Shaping

Shaping is the process of twisting straight hair into a curly form and holding it in place. Curly Tubes come in a variety of sizes, so select the correct one for your hairdo.

This is easy to understand. Choose a tube with the same diameter as your desired hair’s curly roll. Then shape it and fasten it using rubber bands. This is a simple procedure that requires good hands and knowledge. The staff at PHUONGNAM HAIR are all highly trained specialists with more than 5 years of expertise. These will surely give you the longest-lasting curly extension you’ve ever had.

2.2. Making use of a waving lotion

Waving lotion is a well-known hair styling lotion. It stretches the hair for development and adds moisture to protect it from heat. This is the most basic step: Waiting for the Waving lotion to take action on shaped hair. The tough part is deciding which one to use and how to utilize it appropriately. We recommend that you choose a high-quality lotion with clear origins, ideally from the United States. These products are highly concentrated and deliver immediate benefits.

The final and most significant aspect of a great weft curly extension is the formula, which requires an exceptionally exact ratio. Allow 20-30 minutes for the lotion to take action after applying it.

2.3. The steaming procedure

The goal of steaming is to utilize heat to permanently sculpt the hair. These are the steps that demonstrate the distinction between a factory-made and a handcrafted weft curly hair extension. Our plant is well-equipped with cutting-edge steaming machines. The time and temperature of steaming are usually determined by the kind of curly hair extensions. The smaller the roll of your hair, the longer it must be steamed, typically for 1-2 hours at temperatures ranging from 100 to 200 degrees. Employees must use utmost caution since overheating might cause dryness or even burnt hair extensions. Hair is occasionally fairly damp after steaming. It will next go through a drying process.

The factory can dry it without utilizing heat by employing high-powered fans. Instead of utilizing heat to dry the curly hair extensions, we will use a fan.

2.4. Using a neutralizer lotion

Do you know what neutralizer lotion is? It is a liquid drug that is used to keep hair in form for years. This is the second stage in the application of neutralizer lotion. This procedure should take about 30-45 minutes to complete. Finally, remember that it is critical to remove the rubbers and tubes in order to achieve the best results.

The final step is to remove the rubbers and tubes and attain the desired outcome.

3. Vietnamese curly hairstyles that are in high demand

There are so many different curly hairstyles to choose from when it comes to Vietnamese Super Double Drawn Curly Hair Extension. Here are the top three most popular curly haircuts right now. Bouncy curls, pixie curls, and twist curls are examples. Please read this section to discover why they are so popular and well-liked.

3.1. Bouncy Curls

If you like your hair, I vow you should try bouncy curls at least once in your life. They generate such a large volume of hair while still giving you a delicate appearance that no other styles can. It has been several years since it was at the top of Google’s search results. Many are still captivated by its beauty.

Choosing bouncy curly hair extensions is a wise decision since they are not only appealing but also cost effective. How much does it cost to get your natural hair groomed at a hair salon? Isn’t it a lot? Additionally, occasionally the style does not live up to your expectations, and the style does not endure long! Even if you take great care of your hair, the curly textures might easily fade with each brushing and washing.

The styles of bouncy curly hair extensions can persist for years. The key is that the curls will be really pleasing since they are meticulously groomed in hair factories by expert employees using precise procedures. You may also select from a range of colors and lengths. It is far superior to traditional hair style, which is both harmful and time-consuming.

3.2. Pixie Curls

Yeah, you read it correctly: pixie curls are known as the queen of Vietnamese Super Double Drawn Curly Hair Extension.

To provide a better picture, the following are typical qualities of this curl style:

Pixie curls are smaller than bouncy curls but not as tight as kinky curls in terms of curly structure. The curls are just enough to make the hair seem big and bouncy. Let the picture speak for itself about how beautiful this sort of curl looks!

Pixie curls are the queen of curls in terms of fashion! They just complement all types and vibes. They can appear adorable but also unique depending on how you wear them. Some important hairstyles to consider are half-up, half-down, smooth back, and half-side haircuts, among others.

So, how do pixie curls appear when worn with a wig? You may see it right now in the image below. They’re incredibly genuine and appealing!

3.3. Deep Curls

Twist curls have to be among the top three most beautiful Vietnamese Super Double Drawn Curly Hair Extension styles. With deep curls, thick dreamy hair like what you see on TV is no longer out of reach since you’ll have it in a matter of minutes.

This curl is very popular in African-American nations. The vibes are simply incredible. You may entirely employ several hair style methods for deep curls, as seen in the image below. They look stunning in everything from simple styles like a naturally loosened bun to more intricate ones like creative buns, braids, slick backs, and so on.

4. Top 1 finest Vietnamese merchants of extreme double drawn curly hair

4.1. PHUONGNAM HAIR – Vietnam hair supplier No. 1

PHUONGNAM HAIR is one of Vietnam’s largest hair producers. They own one of the largest Vietnamese hair manufacturers in Vietnam’s Bac Ninh Province. Since entering the hair industry, we have had transparent registration papers.

PHUONGNAM HAIR is presently the global partner of over 100 hair vendors, dealers, and salons. Their hair is made entirely of Vietnamese virgin human hair and Remy human hair, with no synthetic hair. PHUONGNAM HAIR‘s reputation has expanded to over 100 nations. PHUONGNAM HAIR is happy to serve the most demanding clients from Asia, Europe, America, Africa, and Australia. PHUONGNAM HAIR has many faithful consumers from Nigeria, Ghana, the United States, the United Kingdom, and South Africa, among other places. Here are some comments from large retailers that purchased hair from PHUONGNAM HAIR.

PHUONGNAM HAIR, as a reputable hair manufacturer, has established a strong presence on social media platforms such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, and others. While working with this top#1 wholesale hair factory brand – PHUONGNAM HAIR – you will feel completely assured.

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  • Fanpage Facebook: Phuongnam Hair
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  • WhatsApp: +84 33 346 5538
  • Location: Building A1, Vinhomes Gardenia, Ham Nghi Ward, Cau Dien, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi, Vietnam

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